4 Korean Celebrities With Lighter Makeup But Still Looks Gorgeous

Playing highschool girls, these Korean actresses cannot wear too much makeup, but they still look gorgeous. 

Kim Da Mi

Kim Da Mi is one of the trending actresses these days thanks to playing the lead in Our Beloved Summer. In the drama’s first episodes, she plays a true nerd who is good at school and doesn’t care about anything but her studies.

In the scenes set in highschool, she barely wears any makeup, only applies a bit of lipstick. Even so, Kim Da Mi still looks pretty, giving off the pure and refreshing vibes of a highschooler. 

Our Beloved Summer” is a comedy romance drama following the story of young people’s first love, which is unfolding when they are forcibly summoned back together due to the popularity of a documentary they filmed together in high school.


Starting out as an idol, Hyeri was recognized as a talented actress thanks to playing Duk Sun in Reply 1988. She is not only loved for her adorable, iconic performance but also for her pretty, raw visuals. Playing a high school girl and daughter of a poor family, Hyeri wears very little makeup in the drama. 

Reply 1988” centered around the excitement of the 1988 Seoul Olympics, a group of teenagers witness South Korea come of age as it is catapulted into the international spotlight.

Set to a soundtrack of pop hits that define the time – including Cho Young Pil and Lee Moon Se – this hopeful group of teenagers quickly discover a whole new world outside of their humble neighborhood alleyway.

Kim Yoo Jung

Young, pretty, looks like a high school girl, but Kim Yoo Jung rarely accepts films about school topics. Because I Love You is one of the few dramas that Kim Yoo Jung plays a schoolgirl.

With a simple character design, it is easy to understand when Kim Yoo Jung has simple makeup. Even so, her face was still flawless.

Because I Love You” is about Lee Hyeong (Cha Tae Hyun) whose spirit, after an accident, started entering the bodies of people struggling with love, and Scully (Kim Yoo Jung), the high school student who guides his spirit along the way.

Kim So Hyun

Often playing the role of a schoolgirl, however, it was not until she starred in the drama Love Alarm that Kim So Hyun confidently showed off her face with simple makeup.

If in previous dramas, Kim So Hyun focused on eye makeup, but with the character design in Love Alarm, she even applied a light layer of lipstick. Even so, her skin is still flawless and her face is radiant

Love Alarm” is about people who want to know their true heart in a society where people use an app to find out who likes them. To be precise, the app is telling people who like them in the 10 meters around.



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