5 Korean Celebrities Who Can Effortlessly Pull Off Both Rich And Poor Roles

While Lee Min Ho always plays rich characters and Ji Chang Wook is always poor from drama to drama, the 5 actors below can pull off all types of roles.

Lee Jung Jae, Yoo Ah In or Seo Ye Ji, … are all actors with the top acting ability on the Korean screen. Therefore, it is not difficult for them to transform into characters with opposite fates, whether they are poor or super rich.

Lee Jung Jae

The popular actor Lee Jung Jae possesses an impeccable acting style. Whether his character is a tycoon or a poor man drowning in debt, he still managed to pull them all off.

In “Squid Game”, Lee Jung Jae plays the role of a gambling addict who lives a parasitic life with his elderly mother. Being so poor and heavily in debt, he decided to participate in a game of life and death.

In “The Housemaid”, he plays a rich boss with luxurious and eccentric pleasures, but can’t win against lowly desires.


Although she hasn’t starred in many works, IU‘s roles are extremely diverse.

She worked as a poor, nonchalant office worker who was abused by her boyfriend in “My Mister”. Then she became a super-wealthy owner who had a collection of luxury cars and a hobby of throwing money out the window in “Hotel Del Luna”.

The key point is that IU can tug on the heartstrings of the audience with any roles she plays.

Han So Hee

Han So Hee had a life-changing role of a noble lady who decided to become a homewrecker in the drama “The World of The Married”.

In the drama, although her style is said to not exude a “rich” aura, it is undeniable that her chic and ladylike aura is undeniable.

In her recent drama “My Name”, her character was tragically poor and she had a makeover that startled the audience.

Seo Ye Ji

Seo Ye Ji‘s acting skill is undeniable, so it is not difficult for her to play either a rich or poor role.

In “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”, she plays the role of a woman born with a silver spoon who later becomes a great writer with an extremely luxurious and extravagant aura.

Going back to the past, in “Save Me”, her character is a schoolgirl in an impoverished family who has to run away from a cult.

Yoo Ah In

Yoo Ah In spent his whole career to take on “unusual” roles with extremely tricky fates and rarely have good-looking images.

In “Voice of Silence” and “Burning”, he plays the role of a poor young man and a manual worker who has never known the happiness of his life.

Meanwhile, in “Chicago Typewriter”, he played a great and extremely rich writer.



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