Nerve-Wracking K-Drama Characters In 2021 We Will Never Forget

These characters can just breathe and we can’t stand them. 

On the Korean small screen last year, besides the characters that steal our hearts, there are also many characters whom we find irritating. Let’s take a look at the least likable K-drama characters of 2021. 

Choi Myung Hee – Vincenzo

Vincenzo‘s female lawyer Choi Myung Hee deserves to be in the top of most hated K-drama characters in 2021. She is talented but often plays dirty tricks to achieve success and earn personal benefits.

The scary thing is that she is willing to mess with the life of anyone who dares to stand in her way.

This character’s arrogant image and mean behaviors in Vincenzo make us feel angry. However, there are still so many good parts about Vincenzo that one annoying character will not ruin your watching experience. 

Seo Sae Yi – Yumi’s Cells

Based on the popular webtoon of the same name, Yumi’s Cells tells the story of an ordinary office worker named Yumo. Yumi’s world is shown from the perspective of various brain cells in her head. Although Yumi’s Cells is a feelgood rom-com with adorable characters, there is still one unlikable person.

The character Seo Sae Yi has all the characteristics of a horrible friend that no one deserves to put up with. She rejects Goo Woong’s feelings, even though deep down he really likes him. But the frustrating part is, she also doesn’t like seeing Goo Woong happy with Yumi.

She’s the kind of annoying female friend who does not want her guy friend to be with another girl, but neither does she want to date him. 

Kang Soo Jin – True Beauty

Playing a smart, pretty, and popular highschooler who comes from a wealthy family, Kang Soo Jin seems to have everything. She is also close to the female lead Joo Kyung (Moon Ga Young). At first, Soo Jin adores and is protective of Joo Kyung, always showing up at the right time when Joo Kyung needs help.

However, she is unable to see Joo Kyung happy with her “crush”, and this is when her actual bad attitude is exposed. Knowing that Joo Kuyng’s old schoolmate transfers, she quickly gets acquainted, taking advantage of that friend to find and discover the past of Joo Kyung.

Kang Soo Jin is lovable at first when she is always by Joo Kyung’s side and acts nice to her. But it turns out that Kang. Soo Jin is a two-faced and manipulative character. 

Series of characters in Love (ft. Marriage & Divorce)

The film tells the story of the breakup of three families with three different circumstances when the men have an affair.  From a realistic perspective, the film specifically reflects the problem of normalized adultery, especially in the married life of couples.

The mistresses in Love (ft. Marriage & Divorce) piqued viewers’ interest since they weren’t the usual geeky, brazen girls who sought to ruin other people’s relationships for their own amusement. The second part of season one, on the other hand, did a good job of talking out these three girls, as well as how irritating they are.

Besides, the actions of the three male leads also make netizens wonder: Is the drama normalizing adultery?  In addition, Dong Mi’s grandmother also made netizens angry.  She hides behind the mask as the “fairy godmother”, but inside, she deliberately leaves her husband to be close to her husband’s child.

Oh Joo Young – Happiness

This is an interesting action-thriller drama with a horror element that made me fall in love with it at the end of 2021. The drama not only exploits the survival factor but also realistically describes the psychological struggles of people in the apartment building. 

When everyone is stuck, they must choose between giving up or fighting, between being generous or selfish to others. Of course, there must be a selfish character who irritates netizens in this battle of survival. And that’s Oh Joo Hyung.

Oh Joo Hyung makes viewers despise and hate him. He had harmed his wife. When he was exposed, he devised a variety of strategies to exploit the tense epidemic scenario in order to exert pressure on individuals who knew his weak point. Everyone was enraged by his sneaky tricks while others were attempting to control the outbreak.



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