4 Korean Actor Duos With So Much Chemistry, They’ve Played Couples Many Times Over

Whether intentionally or not, these Korean couples co-starred in at least 3 dramas.

It may be their strong chemistry on-screen and the perfect teamwork that make the filmmakers decide to “couple” them so many times. Let’s take a look at these 4 couples who have worked together many times in the Korean drama industry!

Lee Do Hyun – Go Min Si

Lee Do HyunGo Min Si must be the couple that makes the audience bawl their eyes out every time they reunite.

They first paired up in “Sweet Home” as siblings, then met again through “Youth Of May” with a tearful love story.

Go Min Si mentioned she was glad that she could work with Lee Do Hyun once again and to give the fans a new kind of chemistry between them. She said, “I’m thankful and happy to be working with him again. If people enjoyed watching us together in our last project, then we can promise a totally different type of chemistry in this one.”

Lee Do Hyun added that since the two were playing lovers instead of siblings, they planned how they should act like a couple who the viewers can relate to and cheer on. He said, “Within our last project, we played characters who didn’t see each other as ‘men’ and ‘women,’ but now we were playing characters of the opposite sex who were attracted to each other. We put a lot of thought into how we should approach it and how to make viewers relate to us and feel excited to us them together. I talked about it a lot with Go Min Si and the director.”

Recently, the two united once again in the short drama “Reincarnation Love”.

Gong Yoo – Jung Yoo Mi

The “destined coupleGong Yoo – Jung Yoo Mi is among the couples who are most hoped to have an actual relationship.

Before being married in “Kim Ji Young”, the two co-starred in the blockbuster “Silenced” and “Train To Busan”. The couple is extremely close in real life and is often rumored to be dating.

 During an interview, the two actors took time to talk about their friendship and how they feel about working together for the third time.

Jung Yu Mi shared, “It doesn’t always mean that actors begin to share each other’s thoughts or get closer just because they work together. I’m thankful that I have a colleague with whom I get to talk about work comfortably. We filmed ‘Silenced’ well, and we also had fun while filming ‘Train to Busan.’ I do not know how the audience will react to the upcoming film, but I think we did well with telling the story like we’ve done with our previous works.”

Gong Yoo commented, “Even if we hadn’t worked together for the third time, Jung Yu Mi would still be a friend and a colleague with whom I feel comfortable. We feel comfortable because we are friends, but we also have the passion to help each other by being respectful and considerate of one another when we are acting.”

Jang Hyuk – Lee Da Hae

Jang Hyuk and Lee Da Hae used to be one of the most “destined” couples on the Korean screen.

This talented couple has been married 3 times in dramas such as “Robber”, “Slave Hunters” and “Iris 2”. In just 6 years, Jang Hyuk and Lee Da Hae have had 3 dramas together.

On an event, when Jang Hyuk was asked about being Lee Da Hae‘s partner again, he answered, “I think deep friendship form as you act in different projects together. I don’t know if my previous works with Lee Da Hae will work with this drama, but I think it’s a positive thing.”

Lee Da Hae also shared her thoughts and said, “Even if we have worked together in the past, that doesn’t guarantee that this time around it will work. The benefit is that we have a better communication, as we have known each other for a long time, and that is good for the drama.”

Hyun Bin – Son Ye Jin

After the dreamlike love story of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, many viewers launched an investigation into the couple’s previous works to find “clues”.

Before becoming lovers in “Crash Landing On You”, they were opponents in “The Negotiation”.

In addition, the beauty Son Ye Jin had an interesting cameo in the blockbuster “Secret Garden” starring Hyun Bin!



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