Actress Lee Da Hae Talks About Her Overwhelming Popularity In China Says “My TikTok earns almost 80 million views”

Lee Da Hae mentioned her huge popularity in China.

In the MBC entertainment program ‘Omniscient Interfering View’, aired on January 8, the daily lives of actors Lee Da Hae and Kwon Yul were revealed.

Lee Da Hae, who has not carried out any activities in Korea for 4 years, shared, “I didn’t know that I wouldn’t be active in Korea for 4 years, but time just went by like that somehow. So considering that I should do something, I began to use SNS. At first, I thought it wouldn’t suit me but I got used to it quite well”.

In response, Song Eun I said, “All of us are using TikTok but Lee Da Hae’s level is a little different, in China”. In response, Lee Da Hae explained, “What was interesting to me was that the numbers of views were a little different because of the big gap in populations. The best video has earned almost 80 million views. It already reached 78 million. If a video came out well, it could hit up to 30 million hearts.”

Then, Lee Young Ja asked Kwon Yul, “If the upcoming movie sold 10 million tickets, don’t you have any wish?”, making Kwon Yul speechless. Lee Da Hae, who is new to reality filming, said, “I didn’t get used to it at first, but now I don’t even look at the camera.”

Kwon Yul said, “My heart is beating like this even though the staff come to my house in the morning and they take beautiful pictures of my house and my daily life. I thought I lost my mind as if I was caught up in a problem and they came for a search and seizure”.

In response, Jeon Hyun Moo jokingly asked, “Did you prepare something to say about the seizure and search yesterday?”. Kwon Yul tactfully replied, “I prepared it that day.”



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