4 K-Dramas That Left Viewers Unsatisfied Despite Having A Happy Ending

These dramas seem to end on a happy note, but the more you think about it, it’s not all happy. 

The following dramas all wrap up with happy scenes of the main characters, but the viewers want more. 


The iconic drama Goblin has a seemingly satisfactory ending when both the main and sub couples meet again in the next life, but this ending is actually the beginning of a tragedy.

It is uncertain how long after Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) died, she reincarnated to reunite with Kim Shin (Gong Yoo). During all those years waiting, Kim Shin was left alone, having to watch people who are close to him pass away one by one.

It is more heartbreaking when each person only has 4 lives, if this is her second life, Eun Tak will have two more reincarnations to meet Kim Shin, but if this is her last life, their remaining time together is only counted by years.

Whatever life Eun Tak is in, this ending also means that Kim Shin is destined to be alone forever and ever. He is unable to die or grow old with Eun Tak.

The World of the Married

The World of the Married has a slightly modified ending compared to the original script, perhaps to make it more meaningful and give the female lead a happy ending after everything she went through.

However, the attempt for a happy ending in an unfulfilled way ends up being a disappointment.

In the final scene, after many struggles and pains in her life, Sun Woo (Kim Hee Ae) chooses to live alone. A man comes to see her, making her surprised and filled with happiness.

Looking at the shadow, viewers guess this man is Sun Woo‘s son, but no one knows exactly who he is. 

Hotel Del Luna

Similar to Goblin, the main couple of Hotel Del Luna were also destined from the beginning that they would not be able to be together in this life.

In the last episode, Man Wol (IU) really had to die, and all the staff at the hotel were also sent off by Chan Sung (Yeo Jin Goo) in turn.

In the ending scene, Mal Wol and Chan Sung meet again, happy together, the old employees are also living a new life.

This dreamlike ending makes the audience wonder “how much time has passed”, “why Chan Sung hasn’t aged”, “if this is another life”, “why Chan Sung and Mal Wol still recognize each other” or “is it just a dream of Chan Sung to comfort the audience?

The Red Sleeve

Whether the historical blockbuster The Red Sleeve has a happy, tragic or open ending is still a question that has puzzled netizens recently.

\In the last episode, Deok Im and her child died, Jeongjo lived alone and then died not long after. In the ending, Jeongjo woke up, it turns out that the painful images were just a dream, and Jeongjo was still happy with Deok Im.

However, the difference in the context, the small details in the ending scene make the audience wonder: “Is Deok Im really dead, and the scene where Jeongjo meets Deok Im again is just a dream of the king?



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