‘The Red Sleeve’ Actor Lee Jun Ho’s Rising Popularity Proves He is Set to Be Part of the A-Class Actors

As MBC‘s ‘The Red Sleeve‘ recorded a viewer rating of 17.4% and recently ended, interest in singer and actor Junho, who played the lead role, has grown.

After finishing his recent drama ‘Confession‘, Junho chose the MBC drama ‘The Red Sleeve‘ as his comeback work.

He played the role of Lee San, later King Jeongjo in the drama, boasting strong vocalization and delicate emotional expression, receiving favorable reviews from many.

According to a news report stated by OSEN, due to the popularity of “The Red Sleeve“, Junho‘s value as an actor has increased twice in less than a year. It is said that Junho, has been receiving numerous love calls from the drama and film industry , who has led the success of his work with his outstanding acting skills.

It is said that there are quite a few works in which Junho has already politely expressed his intention to refuse.

The head of a drama production company actually said, “Junho was originally cast as a lead actor because he was good at acting, but this time, ‘The Red Sleeve’ was a box office hit and he has emerged as a perfect A-class star.”

The representative of the drama production company also gave an example that it was similar to the atmosphere he wanted to cast Kang Ha Neul when KBS2When the Camellia Blooms‘ ended.

In addition, the official predicted that Junho‘s performance fee per episode would go up a lot. They said said, “We can’t reveal the exact amount, but we can probably jump with 100 million won or more from his existing appearance fee.”

In addition to his works, Junho is receiving invitations to entertainment shows, advertisements, pictorials, and brand events.

However, JYP Entertainment, the agency, said that they do not plan to choose Junho‘s next work in a hurry right away.

Junho is preparing for a fan meeting at the end of January, and he plans to decide his next move carefully as ‘The Red Sleeve‘ received a lot of love.

It doesn’t seem like it will take much time as he has expressed his desire to meet the public with a new work within this year.



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