Actor Seo Ha Joon’s Whereabouts After Viral Nude Video Leaked 5 Years Ago

Causing a stir half a decade ago with a shocking leaked masturb*tion video, how is this actor doing now?

In December 2016, Korean social media was stirred up when actor Seo Ha Joon – the star of Princess Aurora – was suspected of being the man in a stripping and masturbating self-taken video.

The incident left netizens shocked and speechless. It was not until July 2017 that Seo Ha Joon officially admitted it was him in the video. 5 years have passed since this accident, how is Seo Ha Joon doing now?

Seo Ha Joon began his acting career in 2013. He had been in the industry for only 3 years when his nude video surfaced and took social media by storm. This was thought to have a negative impact on his career, especially in the harsh entertainment industry of Korea.

That’s true to 70-80% because after his confession on Video Star, Seo Ha Joon’s career unfortunately slowed down. However, inherently he did nothing wrong, and the video being leaked was only an accident no one wanted. What happened does not mean he should be “blacklisted”.

In 2019, Seo Ha Joon returned to the small screen in SBS’s drama Want a Taste?, followed by Phoenix 2020. His performance in both series earned him the nomination for Excellence Award at the SBS Drama Awards.

During the past 5 years, Seo Ha Joon has maintained an optimistic attitude, practiced self-love and appreciated his life more. This is clearly reflected in the photos he posted on his personal Instagram. The actor is also getting more handsome and sexier over time.

When he is not busy with filming schedules, he spends time working out, playing golf, hanging out and enjoying himself.  



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