‘Squid Game’ Actress Jung Ho Yeon Is The First East Asian To Grace A Solo Cover Of American Vogue

Model and Acress Jung Ho Yeon decorated the cover of Vogue US February Issue. She is the first East Asian to grace a solo cover of American Vogue.

Saram Entertainment said, “Jeong Ho Yeon was selected as the first Asian Vogue US cover model. This is very unusual in the global fashion industry, and it shows how great the star power of Actress Jung Ho Yeon is.”

Jung Ho Yeon ‘s first acting debut, the Netflix series ‘Squid Game‘ (directed and written by Hwang Dong Hyuk), has established itself as the greatest hit in Netflix history and is causing a worldwide syndrome, while Jung Ho Yeon is the first Asian soloist to decorate the US cover of Vogue.

This is even more meaningful in that she is the first Korean to decorate the cover alone in the 130-year history of American Vogue. In this pictorial filmed in LA, Jung Ho Yeon leisurely gazes at the camera, revealing her unique presence. Even in her unshakable eyes, expression, and restrained pose, she exudes a dramatic mood, making it impossible to take eyes off her.

In the interview with Vogue, Jung Ho Yeon shared what she had gone through after the huge success of Squid Game. She recalled, “My entire life changed in just one month. After Squid Game, I went to English classes, took voice training lessons, and tried to broaden my view by watching various artworks and movies.”

Vogue US complimented Jung Ho Yeon’s hard work, saying, “If there is one word we could choose to describe Jung Ho Yeon, it is diligence. She works hard and puts her heart and soul into everything until it feels as though she might explode.”



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