7 Celebrities Who Became Famous During Their Debut

In the entertainment industry some are very lucky to achieve popularity in a smooth way while some dedicated their years full of hardships just to be their and engrave their names to celebrities who were popular.

Even celebrities who have killer visuals went through hardship days and years of obscurity until they become popular.

Among the celebrities who became famous in an instant, there are many who have suffered for a long time of being unknown to the public.

However, there are celebrities who became popular by making their faces well known to people at the same time as their debut.

Here are the 7 celebrities who gained popularity during their debut and established themselves in becoming superstars.

Jeong Ho Yeon

Jung Ho Yeon, who debuted as an actress in Netflix’s ‘Squid Game‘, received a lot of attention and rose to global popularity along with other superstars.

In ‘Squid Game‘, she left a strong impression by portraying the role of Dawn, who is a defector in a desperate situation who needs a lot of money for his family.

Due to the worlwide love of viewers to ‘squid game’,the number of Instagram followers of Jeong Ho Yeon drastically increased and reached about 23.5 million as of November 15, 2021.

Lee Seung Gi

Singer and actor Lee Seung Gi captured the hearts of his older sister fans by having the title ‘the nation’s younger brother’.

Lee Seung Gi debuted in 2004 with his first album. The title track of the album, ‘Because You’re My Girl‘, was a song that received so much affection and was called a mega hit.

He won the Rookie of the Year award at the ‘Mnet Asian Music Awards‘, ‘Seoul Music Awards‘, ‘SBS Gayo Daejeon‘ and ‘MBC Gayo Daejejeon’ with the title track ‘Because You’re My Girl‘.

Since then, Lee Seung Gi has established himself as the ‘national younger brother‘ and has been active in several fields from entertainment programs to dramas and movies.

Choi Ye Bin

Actress Choi Ye Bin made her name engraved to the public with her debut role, Ha Eun Byul, in SBS ‘Penthouse‘.

In ‘Penthouse‘, the actress showed a perfect performance of tormenting friends who interfered with her and being obsessed with fulfilling her dream of becoming a singer.

Penthouse‘ captured the attention of viewers with its unpredictable plot, and gained a lot of popularity by recording high ratings from season 1 to season 3.

Choi Ye Bin was one of the casts of ‘Penthouse‘ and even appeared in the entertainment program SBS ‘Matnam Square’.

Park Min Young

Actress Park Min Young debuted in acting with MBC’s ‘High Kick without hesitation‘, a legendary sitcom that produced several famous lines.

She portrayed the role of Kang Yu Mi in ‘High Kick Without Hesitation‘.

At that time, ‘High Kick Without Hesitation’ started with a rating of 6% and rose to 20% within two weeks of airing, receiving a great love from people.

Recently, through MBC’s ‘Docu Flex’, the members of ‘High Kick Without Hesitation’ reunited after 14 years, reminding them of their memories.

Park Min Young, became populsr since her debut, has since been called as a ‘roco queen’ with KBS2’s ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’, SBS’ ‘City Hunter‘, ‘Healer‘, and tvN’s ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim‘.


During their debut last year, SM Entertainment’s girl group AESPA captured the eye of audiences with their unique worldview and highly addictive song.

On the day of their debut, AESPA ranked No. 1 on QQ Music, China’s largest music site, and No. 2 on new song charts on numerous music site charts.

Moreover, AESPA‘s debut song ‘Black Mamba’ entered the Billboard Global Chart 100, proving its worldwide popularity.


BLACKPINK is also an idol who became popular the moment they debuted with the song ‘Whistle

BLACKPINK created a craze for their debut song ‘Whistle’ in 2016 and became extremely popular since then.

At the time of their debut, they occupied the top spot for 16 days in a row with ‘perfect all-kill’ on the real-time, daily, and weekly charts of major domestic music sites.

In addition, BLACKPINK topped iTunes charts in 14 overseas countries. 

BLACKPINK is released several hit songs such as ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU‘, ‘As If It’s Your Last‘ and ‘Boombayah‘ containing a ‘hip’ song style

Lee Joon Gi 

Actor Lee Joon Gi made himself known to the public with a minor role in MBC’s ‘Nonstop 4′.

After that, he broke through the 2000 to 1 competition and played the role of ‘Gong-gil’, a beautiful clown in the movie ‘The King’s Man‘, and became a 10 million actor with his first lead role.

Because of this opportunity, Lee Joon Gi joined the ranks of famous actors and even caused the ‘handsome boy syndrome’.

Still popular up to this days, he is walking his own path, building solid filmography such as MBC’s ‘Time between Dog and Wolf’ and SBS’ ‘Iljimae‘.



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