Yoon Kyun Sang And Oh Na Ra Signs With New Agency Established By Long-Time Manager

Actors Oh Na Ra and Yoon Kyun Sang, who became free agents, make a fresh start with their longtime manager.

According to Spotify News on December 5th, Oh Na Ra and Yoon Kyun Sang recently signed an exclusive contract with Management A.M.9, a new agency.

The news comes after it was recently revealed that Yoon Kyun Sang and Oh Na Ra‘s contracts with Hooxi Creative came to an end. After much deliberation, both actors have decided to work with a longtime manager whom they trust.

In the meantime, Oh Na Ra and Yoon Kyun Sang, who met viewers while doing ‘hard work‘, are expected to take another leap forward in Management A.M.9, which has set up a new nest. Expectations are high on the active activities of the two in the future.

Meanwhile, Yoon Kyun Sang made his debut in the 2012 drama ‘Faith‘ and consistently received praise for his performances in dramas, such as ‘Pinnochio‘, ‘Six Flying Dragons‘, ‘The Rebel‘, and more. Oh Na Ra garnered attention for her role in the popular series ‘Sky Castle‘ before going on to join tvN‘s variety show ‘Six Sense‘.



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