5 Korean Celebrities Who Look Much Younger Than Their Actual Age

Having timeless beauty, these Korean celebrities look much younger than their actual age. 

2022 marks the year the following famous Korean celebrities reach the age of 40. With their outstanding visuals that get better with time, this year promises to see more impressive growth and success of these 40-year-old celebrities. 

Song Hye Kyo

As one of the beauty icons of Korea’s entertainment industry, even though she has entered her 40s, Song Hye Kyo still looks beautiful and radiant as ever.

Unfortunately, while her beauty is upgraded, her career stagnates, even showing signs of going downhill. Her current drama Now, We Are Breaking Up, despite featuring an all-visual cast, constantly receives underwhelming reviews.

The viewership ratings are also significantly lower than her previous dramas. In 2022, viewers can expect to see Song Hye Kyo again in the drama The Glory, co-starring rising actor Lee Do Hyun.

Son Ye Jin

Known for her ageless beauty, few would expect Son Ye Jin to have just turned 40 this year.

Compared to her appearance in the early days of her career, the “nation’s first love” does not seem to have aged a day.

Within the first half of 2022, Son Ye Jin is slated to reunite with the audience in the drama “Thirty Nine“, telling the story of three 39-year-old women who are about to enter their 40s with various changes.

Hyun Bin

Son Ye Jin‘s boyfriend Hyun Bin has just turned 40, a number that startles many viewers because they find it difficult to believe that this handsome male star is already in his 40s.

This year, Hyun Bin has not confirmed to join the cast of any new drama, but he has 2 big-screen projects that are scheduled to hit the theaters soon: The Point Men and Confidential Assignment 2.

In addition, Hyun Bin recently confirmed his participation in another movie called Harbin.

Han Ji Min

The name that surprised netizens the most in this list is Han Ji Min, an actress who possesses an extremely top-notch age-hacking beauty.

Han Ji Min is greeting her new age with ‘Happy New Year‘ at the moment, which is also the only project she received last year. At the age of 40, the audience is looking forward to Han Ji Min‘s performance in her two new dramas, ‘Our Blues‘ and ‘Beyond The Memory‘.

However, both of these projects have not shown any signs of starting filming or airing.

Yoo In Na

Yoo In Na is also an actress with ageless beauty who has just turned 40 this year. Although she is mainly known for her roles as the supporting female, Yoo In Na‘s influence in the Korean film industry is still extremely large.

Currently, she is starring in the series ‘Snowdrop‘ with the supporting female role of Kang Chung Ya, a talented surgeon.

However, netizens are still waiting for Yoo In Na’s female lead role in her 2022’s projects.



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