“The King’s Affection” Actor Rowoon Thanks Park Eun Bin In His Heartfelt Speech After Winning Three Awards at the 2021 KBS Drama Awards

In the ‘2021 KBS Drama Awards‘, which was broadcast live on December 31st, SF9’s Rowoon achieved three trophies, including the Rookie of the Year, Popularity Award, and Best Couple Award. In particular, the Rookie of the Year award was awarded consecutively following the ‘2019 MBC Drama Awards‘, signaling that he is a trending actor.

In KBS2‘s ‘The King’s Affection’, SF9’s Rowoon was praised for captivating viewers with his unique hanbok visuals. In addition, he won the Popularity Award and Best Couple Award with his partner, Park Eun Bin, proving that he received a lot of love in 2021.

Through his agency FNC Entertainment, SF9’s Rowoon said, “I feel very lucky to have met so many talented people in The King’s Affection,” through his agency FNC Entertainment. He continued, “I am very grateful for all the awards and recognition. Receiving the Best New Actor Award was like being recognized for doing something I love every day. I also wished for the Best Couple Award as a viewer myself, so I am more than blessed to receive the award. I will start off the new year with a humble and grateful heart. I would like to sincerely thank the drama fans and everyone around the world who sent love and support.”

Rowoon also thanked his co-star Park Eun Bin. “I’d like to use this opportunity to thank my co-star Park Eun Bin. I felt so nervous in the beginning because it was my first time shooting a historical series. I was able to grow and learn a lot thanks to her consistent support. She was truly my best partner.”

SF9’s Rowoon played the role of Jung Ji Woon, the teacher of Crown Prince Lee Hwi (Park Eun Bin), in KBS2‘s ‘The King’s Affection‘. Despite the challenge of the first historical drama genre, he captivated viewers with his stable acting.

In particular, in the yoke of fate that cannot be fulfilled, he captured both affection and excitement by showing pure love towards his first love.

Meanwhile, Rowoon will star in an upcoming MBC drama called Tomorrow (literal title), which will air in the first half of 2022.



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