Gong Yoo Shared The Best Thing He Did in 2021 Says “Those two things were the most rewarding”

Gong Yoo took on the role of Han Yun Jae, the leader of the exploration in Netflix’s The Silent Sea. He will lead the team with charisma and outstanding competence.

The actor shared his thoughts on being a part of The Silent Sea through a video interview with the media.

Q1. Are you satisfied with the work?

I got an offer from The Silent Sea when I wanted to do a series with a unique genre. I’m satisfied with the result.

Q2. What do you think the message of the series is?

I think I can answer that by explaining why I chose the work. It has an outer layer of SF, but I liked it because it’s actually a humanistic story. That point intrigued me.

Also, the vague topic of how it (moon water) is the hope and future of mankind but also the forbidden fruit came attractive to me.

Q3. Do Han Yun Jae and Gong Yoo share any similarities?

When I first accept a role, the first thing I do is see how similar he is to me. I find that similarity and maximize it. And I felt that Yun Jae is quite similar to me.

I also have the cynical side of Yun Jae in me. He also seems to be a person who likes justice. I think Yun Jae’s firmness and responsibility are similar to my actual personality.

Q4. What do you think about the mixed reviews?

I knew that there would be mixed reviews from the start. It’s an SF genre, so I knew those opinions would be split even more.

Q5. Many of your fans are waiting for your comeback to the romance genre.

It’s not like I’m avoiding it on purpose (laughs). I tend to choose a work that I want to remember rather than choosing based on how big the role is.

I act according to my emotions and instincts. There is something that I want to tell people. As an actor, I thought it’d be best to join a work that actually tells a story.

Q6. What’s your favorite scene?

There is this one scene that I got goosebumps when I first read the script. It’s a scene where Soo Chan vomits water after getting infected with the virus. There’s also a scene where I screamed without realizing it. That’s a scene where I fall from the elevator.

I shot that scene with ten wires attached to my body. So many staff lifted me up and blew me away. I cheered as soon as I saw the completed scene.

Q7. You appeared on ‘Squid Game’ as the “ddakji man.” Will you appear in season two as well?

I keep in touch with the director, but he’s so busy these days. He didn’t tell me any details, so I don’t know what’s going to happen. As always, I’ll decide after I read the scripts (laughs).

Q8. Looking back this past year, what’s the best thing you did?

Making a cameo appearance on Squid Game and shooting The Silent Sea. Those two things were the most rewarding.

The Silent Sea” is a sci-fi thriller Netflix Korean Original series. The series is based on the short film “The Sea of Tranquility” of Choi Hang Yong released in 2014 with the same title. He was chosen as the director of the drama.



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