8 Types Of Personality Based On January-born Korean Celebrities

Based on our favorite Korean celebrities, here are 8 personality types of people who will celebrate their birthday in the first month of 2022. 

January marks the beginning of the year. Like the energy of an ambitious and exciting start, people who were born in this month are believed to be particularly lively and dynamic.

Moreover, with their sense of humor and cheerful personality, they are known to brighten the mood of people around them with laughter.

Here is a collection of personality types of those born in January who shine like winter flowers that overcome the cold season, based on January-born Korean celebrities. If there are people born in January around you, check them out and compare for fun.

They are witty and have a great sense of humor

Blackpink’s Jennie (born on January 16, 1996)

People born in January are gifted with a natural sense of humor. 

They have great observation skills and can crack hilarious jokes (and sometimes, poor jokes) about the ordinary things and people around them. They are witty with a streak of sarcasm that can pinch people at times.

Those born in January have the power to make people around them feel good with their natural sense of humor. They tend to get many compliments for their wit, but sometimes they feel the pressure to be funny.

They have good interpersonal relationships, so they are surrounded by many people

Actor Lee Seung-gi (born January 13, 1987) 

Like Lee Seung Gi, January-born people are good at managing their social networks and like being around others.

They leave a deep impression by treating people with a warm heart and are also the object of envy.

Full of responsibility

EXO’s Kai (born on January 14, 1994) 

January-borns have a strong sense of responsibility, and when problems arise, they tend to take the initiative to solve them.

There are many people who trust and follow them because they have the qualities of a leader, and they always try to fulfill their part.

Poor at expressing emotions

Actress Lee Yeon Hee (born on January 9th, 1988)

They have a strong sense of responsibility and are considerate of others, but they are not good at conveying their feelings.

It takes a relatively long time to speak openly with someone, but once trust is created, a strong relationship is established.

Hates flattery

2PM Junho (born on January 25, 1990)

They hate types that are different from the outside. 

Also, they don’t like to say things that they don’t mean, so they tend to recognize pretentious people at a glance.

They also push forward with action rather than words, building slow but deep trust in people.

Value manners

Actor Kang Dong Won (born on January 18, 1981).

The important thing for January-born people who are kind to everyone and get along well is politeness.

If someone does something disrespectful, or if someone is rude, they will immediately sever the relationship.

They have leadership

Actress Son Yejin (born on January 11th, 1982)

Those born in January often take charge of the leadership at meetings with natural responsibility.

When they make a plan, they often become a loved leader with the ability to push ahead.

Most of them have got their priorities straight and like to have clarity in life.

You will hardly find them second-guessing their decisions and once they set their mind on something, they make sure they get it.

Having no room for boredom

AOA Seolhyun (born on January 3, 1995)

Most of the January born have great communication skills and in turn, take no time in developing a rapport with anyone, including a stranger.

They love partying and become the center of attention the moment they enter the venue.

They love music and don’t be surprised if you spot them grooving alone to a good track.



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