10 Interesting Facts About Song Kang

Nowadays, people can’t seem to move on from Song Kang. Recently, Song Kang is rising to fame since casting directors line up to offer him the lead roles of their dramas.

Since his appearance in the first season of Love Alarm, he’s showcased his extraordinary talent and growth as an actor in Netflix Originals Sweet Home and Love Alarm 2, both of which even gave him the title “Son of Netflix.” Undoubtedly, he has a bright and promising career ahead of him.

Excited to know Song Kang more? Here are the 10 interesting facts about Song Kang.

Song Kang’s zodiac sign is Taurus. 

Song Kang was born on April 23, 1994 in Suwon, South Korea. This makes the 27 years old actor have a Taurus zodiac sign.

According to some horoscopes, people born having Taurus zodiac sign were pleasant, loving, and honest. Meanwhile, he is the oldest brother to his other sibling.

“Love Alarm” was Song Kang’s first lead role

He got his acting debut in the drama The Liar and His Lover (2017).

After this stint, he then starred in the fantasy drama When Devil Calls Your Name (2019), portraying a supporting role, alongside actor Jung Kyung Ho, who Song Kang admitted that he idolize him.

His popularity was eventually achieved after being a cast in the 2019 Netflix original series Love Alarm, portraying the role of Hwang Sun Oh.

Following the success of Love Alarm, the offerings for Sang Kang overflow. He became the lead cast in the series Sweet Home.The apocalyptic monster drama pushed him to fame even further, because its worldwide success on Netflix.

He defeated 900 applicants and got the role of Sun Oh in the drama Love Alarm.

The popular webtoon-based Netflix drama, Love Alarm, had a large number of applicants, ranging from K-Pop stars, models, and other actors who were all determined to win the role.

In the end, Song Kang defeated around 900 applicants for Sun Oh. We bet he certainly charmed the socks off the casting directors.

This only proves how incredible his acting skills are. Imagine, being able to defeat around 900 aspiring people for the role showcase his outstanding acting skills that made him fit the role well.

He’s a film major.

Not straying far from his chosen career track, he was actually a film major back when was in college.

According to his profile on his agency’s official page, he attended Konkuk University’s Film Arts Department. Meanwhile, he studied in Changhyun High School and completed his high school there.

This only proves that the actor is not only talented in acting but is well educated as well because he finished his high school and graduated in college already.

He’s 6’1″ tall

Evidently seen in his dramas, he’s often taller over his co-stars at 186 cm.

 It is also one of the reasons why Song Kang was selected by various magazines, and commercials because of his height that suits the magazine cover and the commercials very well.

He is a bookworm. 

Song Kang said in several interviews that he often reads mystery novels as a way to relax.

Additionally, he also uses reading as a means to become a better actor to make up for his lack of experience.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan Korea, he said: “When it comes to videos, there’s no room for my imagination. In a novel, even just a single sentence can be expressed in many different ways. I think I’ve become more expressive after using my imagination.”

He wanted to be an architect.

Prior to pursuing his acting career, Song Kang’s childhood dream was to become an architect or a furniture designer.

In an interview, he said, “I saw cool pictures and thought I wanted to do it, but it wasn’t easy. I had no idea where I needed to start,”

But his dreams changed. After he saw Leonardo Dicaprio’s performance in Titanic, he developed passion for acting.

He’s appeared in three music videos so far.

Before his breakthrough as a small screen actor, his early acting gigs came in the form of two music videos in 2017 titled Sweet Summer Night by The Ade, and Love Story by Suran.

Following these, he also made another MV appearance in 2019 for the song Call Me Back by Vibe.

He often acts in webtoon-based dramas. 

Song Kang’s recent acting projects–Love Alarm, Sweet Home, and Navillera–have one thing in common: They’re all drama adaptations of famous webtoons.

Coincidentally, this is the same case for his most recent drama Nevertheless, alongside Han Soo Hee.

But come to think of it, it makes sense considering he really does look like he’s jumped off of the pages of a webtoon.

He’s a BTS stan

As a host of SBS’ music program, Inkigayo, in 2018, the actor was exposed to a lot of K-pop boy group BTS’ work and music.

He then shared his admiration for the group in an interview with SpoTV News, saying that he’s quite the ARMY. “My heart especially fluttered when I saw BTS. I fell in love with their stage,” he gushed. “Everyone is so handsome and cool. I don’t think I can even compete with them.”



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