Lee Se Young Holds Back Her Tears While Delivering Her Winning Speech Upon Winning MBC’s Top Excellence Acting Award

“The Red Sleeve” star Lee Se Young holds back her tears while delivering her winning speech at MBC Drama Awards 2021.

At the 2021 MBC Drama Awards broadcast on December 30, Lee Se Young received the Top Excellence Award for an Actress in a mini series. In MBC’s popular ongoing Friday-Saturday historical drama “The Red Sleeve”, Lee Se Young impresses the audience with her emotional portrayal of the strong-minded court lady Seong Deok Im.

Lee Se Young came on stage to receive the award and said, “Thank you,” with tears in her eyes. Lee Se Young then went on to finish her winning speech, “I wanted to act well so that the hard work of other actors, production crew, and staff during the preparation and production of the drama could pay off. There was a sense of pressure and responsibility as to whether my role in the drama could be well conveyed to the viewers and whether the viewers would choose us.” 

She continued, “I would like to thank the viewers for spending every precious Friday and Saturday evening over the last two months to share joys and sorrows with us. In the future, I will not forget that viewers’ time is very precious and do my best not to waste it. And thank you so much to my beloved fans.”

On the other hand, the 16th and final episodes of ‘The Red Sleeve‘, which achieved the feat of winning multiple awards at the MBC Drama Awards, will be broadcast continuously at 9:30 pm on January 1, the first day of the new year.



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