Park Eun Bin Decorates the Cover of The Star’s 100th Issue

One of the hottest stars at the moment, Park Eun Bin has been chosen to be the cover model for the 100th issue of fashion magazine, “The Star

Park Eun Bin recently posed for a pictorial and sat down for an interview for “The Star” special 100th edition. Through this pictorial, Park Eun Bin talks about her popular drama character, Lee Hwi. Park Eun Bin played Lee Hwi in the recently concluded KBS drama, “The King’s Affection.”

Lee Hwi’s character is as white as the snow and her eyes are as cold as the ice and she has a dignity that cannot be reached. She keeps a poker face and lets no one easily come closer to her because she is a fake crown prince living the life of her brother.

Park Eun Bin shared, “From the moment I decided to appear in the role, I was convinced that it would become a precious work that I will never see again. It feels good to receive a lot of love and I am grateful”. She added, “I wanted my character ‘Lee Hwi’ to be reflected as just one person regardless of gender. Since I haven’t play the role of Crown Prince and King, I did my best and I have no regrets. It was a work that made me feel so many things”.

When asked about the criteria for choosing a work to Park Eun Bin, who grew up as a ‘Drama Box Office Queen’, she said, “I want to do a work that I wanted to do and I am able to do my best. I want to experience many people”.

Then, when asked about what acting is to Park Eun Bin, she answered, “The process of sublimation. Sometimes the choosing process is not clear. As a human Park Eun Bin, I feel what I cannot do through acting. So when I am acting, I feel more fun and free.” She added, “Acting is my communication method. Of course, I sometimes feel tired, but through acting I regain my energy”.

Furthermore, Park Eun Bin showed off her strong presence under the theme of ‘KING VS QUEEN‘. A reversal charm that had not been shown before, crossing between kings and queens, such as wearing a tiara and looking at the camera or posing in a manic suit. In particular, this pictorial of Park Eun Bin is known as the first cover of her life. In addition, she was selected as the cover model for the 100th issue of ‘The Star‘, adding meaning to it.

She said, “Thank you for choosing me. It’s my first time doing a cover and being part of 100th Issue was already meaningful.”

Also, she also talks about her everyday routine, she said, “My routine is home, the filming set, and again going back to home. There is no life other than being a housekeeper.” She said, “I work outside, so my time at home is not stuffy, and it is very important and necessary. It doesn’t change much,” she said with a laugh.

Finally, “I am really happy now. She said, “I am not sad and I am doing well. I hope that everyone will be healthy, happy and safe in 2022.”

Park Eun Bin‘s charismatic fashion pictorial and candid interview can be found in the January issue of The Star (released on December 30).



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