8 Things That You Should Know About Yoo Yeon Seok From ‘Hospital Playlist’

Did you know that before playing the character of Ahn Jeong Won in Hospital Playlist, Yoo Yeon Seok has already portrayed the role of a doctor twice?

Yes, you heard it right, so in short, he had played doctor roles 3 times. While he also played a baseball player who became baseball teams MVP, transformed into samurai, acted as a chef and a lot more if we go over with his acting portfolio.

But aside from being well-known as a top-tier actor, he’s also popular for many things and one of these things is being a caring co-star.

Here are the 8 interesting facts about Yoo Yeon Seok from Hospital Playlist.

His zodiac sign is Aries

Yoo Yeon Seok was born on April 11, 1984 making him a 37-year-old Aries!

On his birthday, Yeon Seok (who has realname of Ahn Yeon Seok) received a lot of gifts from his fans across the world.

This includes his local fandom, Yoo Yeon Seok PH – Yeonites PH, who gave him a vinyl turntable, and other gifts.

He loves acting

In an interview after the success of his medical drama Dr. Romantic, Yoo Yeon Seok revealed his *ultimate* aspirations during his childhood years and that is to become an actor.

To make it happen, he pursued a degree in Film Arts and eventually became an actor.

He said, “But ever since I was little, my dream was to become an actor and it’s what I like to do the most. Last year, I had a chance to rest for four to five months after finishing a musical. “

He added, “During that time, I was finally able to ask myself, ‘Do I really like acting?’ I kept asking myself that question and I was able to confirm that I do. There will be times in the future where my works succeed, fail, or receive no attention at all. But one thing is for sure. I really enjoy acting and I am also discovering the many purposes of doing my job.”

Before he got his big break, Yoo Yeon Seok auditioned more than 100 times

If there’s an actor who is determined, that would be Yeon Seok. His career journey was indeed a roller coaster ride but he managed to fights the problems because of his perseverance.

Prior to his project in Reply 1994, he shared in an episode of tvN’s Life Bar that he worked for a decade and went to over a hundred auditions.

In his guesting in SBS’ Healing Camp, Yeon Seok revealed more about the challenges he faced during those years. “After my debut, I continuously participated in acting projects, but it wasn’t until Reply 1994 that I had a positive bank balance. “

He added, “I wasn’t paid much for my appearances and after I paid my rent, I was always in the red.” He also revealed that being able to give gifts to his parents is what makes him the happiest.

Yoo Yeon Seok is a multitalented Korean star

He is an award-winning actor, an amazing singer, a respected theater artist and a published author.

Yoo Yeon Seok can also play several musical instruments, cook, design and build his own furniture, take amazing photos and is a skilled businessman.

That’s why it’s no doubt that he made the list in Forbes’ 2019 Top 40 Power Celebrities in Korea—because this actor can do it all.

Yoo Yeon Seok’s co-stars have positive feedbacks about his personality.

His fellow warm cast member Kang Sora said in an interview that Yeon Seok helped her a lot during their first drama together:

Yoo Yeon Seok has a big heart and he is really caring. Like the character of Gun Woo, in reality, he is also innocent like a child, but also charming in a very masculine way. I think I understand why women like him so much.”

Moon Chae Won, who is his co-star in the movie Mood Of The Day, described Yeon Seok as someone she’s very comfortable with and said. “Although Yoo Yeon Seok is only a few years older than me, I felt so comfortable around him and didn’t feel that I had to be on my best behavior all the time. I think that this is one oppa’s strengths”.

In addition, in an episode of Wise Camping Life, Yeon Seok brought a lot of things for their camping—and this is proof that he’s one dependable person who would always look after his cast members.

He is an animal lover

He has a pet named after his K-drama character in Reply 1994 which is Chilbong. He said that it was his parents who came up with the idea to name their pet after his role in Reply 1994.

He is on Instagram.

Can’t get over with Yeon Seok? To see more contents about him, you may follow his official Instagram account @yoo_yeonseok.

Here, he posts his selfies, new projects, behind-the-scenes pics, gifts he received from his fans and fellow actors, and photos with his friends.

He had multiple projects this year

Yoo Yeon Seok is booked, busy, and blessed! Earlier this year, he starred in the movie New Year Blues. He was also one of the casts of Hospital Playlist Season 2.

Yeon Seok‘s other projects also include the movies Puppy and Matin Calme, and the crime series Suriname.

However, the details are yet to be announced.



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