8 Interesting Facts About Yoo Seung Ho From ‘Moonshine’

K-drama fans all love a good childhood connection storyline. It helps that the K-drama industry has no shortage of young talented Korean actors who can act on such child roles. These child and teen actors slowly grow up and become today’s most popular superstars.

Any list of child actors-turned-lead stars wouldn’t be complete without Korea’s “little brotherYoo Seung Ho. With his boy-next-door good looks and more than two decades of acting experience, Yoo Seung Ho has gradually transformed to become a promising lead actor who can give justice in acting for different genres. One and a half years after his project, Yoo Seung Ho is finally back in the K-drama world with the sageuk romance drama Moonshine.

But there’s a lot more that you didn’t know about this actor. With that being said,here are things you need to know about Moonshine actor Yoo Seung Ho.

His zodiac sign is Leo

Yoo Seung Ho was born on August 17, 1993 that makes him a 28-year-old Leo. According to horoscope, those people born in a leo zodiac sign come off as proud, strong, and kind all at the same time.

They usually draw praise from everyone. In the entertainment industry, Yoo Seung Ho is actually known for being one of the nicest actors.

In 2017, an online post from a crew member of the 2009 drama Queen Seondeok gathered attention for detailing a heartwarming act of Yoo Seung Ho, which said, “I was setting up for an outdoor shoot during the summer and Yoo Seung Ho was standing next to me. I told him to go inside“.

He replied, ‘How can someone so young like me sit in an air-conditioned room while the adults are working hard in the heat.’ The reason I still remember this is because no actor has ever acted like that then.”

Yoo Seung Ho started acting at the age of 7

He started in the industry as a model for a phone commercial in 1999. While in 2000, he made his acting debut as Jung Da Um in the melodrama Daddy Fish.

Meanwhile, Daddy Fish is a story about the relationship of a father with his son who has leukemia. Since then, his career started to blossom. And he receive the title “Nation’s Little Brother” after his performance in the box office hit and critically acclaimed film The Way Home.

His portrayal of the city-born Sang Woo who came to live with his grandmother in a rural village was the reason why he won the Best Young Performer in International Film award at the 2003 Young Artist Awards.

He was called “Little So Ji Sub” by the media.

So Ji Sub was a recording artist and was briefly promoted as a hip-hop artist and rapper and got the rising teen actor. While, Yoo Seung Ho used to portray his younger version in the music videos.

Yoo Seung Ho was starring in the MVs for the 2008 release “Lonely Love” and and the 2013 single “Eraser” together with Park Shin Hye.

Meanwhile, So Ji Sub and Yoo Seung Ho have supported each other up to this days and a moment between them was captured during the 2018 MBC Drama Awards.

He already finished his military service

K-pop and K-drama fans are often sad when knowing that their favorite idols and actors will be doing the 2 year military service.

Luckily for Yoo Seung Ho fans, the actor has already completed his mandatory military service. He served as an assistant drill sergeant for new recruits from 2013 to 2014.

Yoo Seung Ho cried the moment he was released from the military and after his loyal fans welcomed him back.

He wants diversity for his acting roles

Yoo Seung Ho find it difficult to take off his child star image. As a response, he avoids roles that makes his image look young.

In an interview with Elle Korea, the actor said, ”There were times when I purposely avoided the role of wearing a school uniform to get away from the image of looking young. As an actor, I still have a lot to show. There are a lot of people who work hard but I am a person who pours out what I have and tries to create something good.

His recent professional roles were a lawyer in the 2015 Courtroom Thriller, a company shareholder in I’m Not A Robot, and a police detective in the 2020 crime fantasy drama Memoirist.

Yoo Seung Ho loves extreme sports

When he’s not busy with his acting projects, the actor spends his leisure time doing car racing, dirt bike racing, and cycling.

He said in an interview, “I’m scared but I like dangerous things. When I focus on thrills, I feel like I have time for myself,” .

He is a cat lover

Yoo Seung Ho has two cats namely, Simba and Gaeul.

In an interview with GQ Korea, he shared his daily life with his cats, saying, “When I wake up, there is a cat in front of me. Simba is interesting. At 9 o’clock in the morning, Simba puts his paws on my chest, meows, and pushes me with his paws until I get up.”

He is currently doing the historical romance drama Moonshine

In Moonshine, the actor will portray the role of the by-the-book Joseon inspector Nam Young who cracks down on illegal alcohol sellers like the desperate aristocrat Kang Ro Seo (Hyeri).

Meanwhile, other cast members include Record of Youth star Byeon Woo Seok and Hotel Del Luna actress Kang Mina.



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