Squid Game Actor Lee Jung Jae Shares A Selfie With BTS’ V

Actor Lee Jung Jae meets BTSV.

On December 27th, Lee Jung Jae posted a picture without any caption on his Instagram.

The published photo shows Lee Jung Jae meeting with V and taking a selfie. Lee Jung Jae, who is smiling brightly, and V, who is smiling in a V pose, is gaining attention.

Some of the comments include: “Where did V meet Lee Jung Jae lol He literally makes friends with anyone who comes across with him”  , “I can’t believe Lee Jung Jae is almost 50. Looking good daddy” , “I can see them taking this one picture and calling it a day lol”, “I want to know how they got to meet each other”, “Pride of Korea united lol”  and “They are so cute” .

Meanwhile, Lee Jung Jae is receiving global attention by appearing in the Netflix series ‘Squid Game‘. He was also nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a TV Drama Series, which will be held on January 9.

BTS, to which V belongs, recently held a concert called ‘BTS Permission to Dance on Stage‘ at Sofai Stadium in Los Angeles, USA.



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