‘Snowdrop’ Ratings Dip To All-Time Low After Airing Episode 4

JTBC’s drama “Snowdrop” reportedly reached the lowest rating number after episode 4 was aired.

According to the rating survey company Nielsen Korea on December 26th, the 4th episode of “Snowdrop” aired on December 25th recorded a nationwide rating of 1.689%. This showed a slight decrease from 1.853%, which is the rating of episode 3 aired on December 24th.

Netizens took to community websites and left reactions such as: “They should just discontinue the broadcast…”,”What if it becomes 0%…it’s possible”, “Interesting how it’s still maintaining the 1% rating tho”, “I was excited until episode 2 and now my excitement is gone.”, “I think the storyline might be a bit too difficult for the foreign viewers to fully comprehend, since they have to rely on the subtitles only” and “The facial expressions of the actors are a bit weak compared to the complex issues in the drama”.

Set in Seoul 1987, “Snowdrop” tells the love story of Im Su Ho, a man who suddenly jumps into a women university’s dormitory, and a college student Young Ro, who hides Suho and takes care of him. The drama filming was already completed in July.

However, after the release of the synopsis, the drama was embroiled in various controversies over beautifying the National Security Planning Agency and glorifying spies manipulation. In addition, it is pointed out that Young Cho, the original name of Jisoo’s role (Young Ro), might have been inspired by Chun Young Cho, who resisted Park Chung Hee Regime in the 1970s.

In response, JTBC explained, “The motive behind ‘Snowdrop’s story and its major events is the political situation of the presidential election during the military regime. Against this backdrop, the drama tells a fictional story of a government engaging with the North Korean regime to maintain its power. Most of the misunderstandings due to concerns over ‘history distortion’ and ‘disparaging of the democratization movement’ that many people have pointed out will be resolved after more developments of the drama be revealed in the future.”

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