4 Male K-Drama Villains We Eventually Love In The Long Run

K-Drama villains is always an essential part of every Kdramas we love. They play the roles of the problems we encounter in our daily life including but not limited to a terrible boss, a cold-blooded chairman who will do anything to take over the country, the insufferable sibling who can’t seem to let you catch a break, the maniacal parent who can’t see murder as a playtime, the often rich ex-boyfriend who becomes evil as he is determined to be an problem of the main character’s happiness or the king who somehow randomly falls in love with your crush and that leads to war are some of examples. However shape these characters portray, they will always play an important role in the plot of every amazing K-Drama experience.

Not all villains are evil. Infact we sympathize with some of them. Although at the beginning of the story we hate them but as soon as their stories were unfold, we see the reasons behind their actions. We realize that some of them try to redeem themselves even when it results to them dying. These are the characteristics of villains that millions of K-Drama fans evenutally love.

With that being said, here are the 4 male K-Drama villain characters whose original storyline was changed and we eventually loved in the long run.

“Vincenzo” Jang Han Seo

Misunderstood. That is the word that best describes the villain of the series Jang Han Seo portrayed by Kwak Dong Yeon. In the first couple of episodes of the series, we get the feeling that he is the villain, the evil boss in charge who is set to release fatal drugs into the public but as the series continues, we see he is just a puppet in his brother’s plans and he is being manipulated by him.

Moreover, we realize that he is just a front face for the public, and not really the in charge. His interplays with his brother shows how much he is terrified of him. In the scenes that he wanted to go against his brother, he ends up getting abused by him.

Meanwhile, in the scene where he witnesses his brother’s psychotic actions always show how shocked he was, further putting into light how much different he was from his brother.

At last, he gains the courage to work with Vincenzo portayed by Song Joong Ki to bring his brother to justice and save the company’s reputation and the workers as well, but his story takes an even sadder turn as just when we began to love him, he is killed by his brother the moment he tried to save Vincenzo. His death was both shocking and sad as viewers seeing the change in his character were hoping he would have a happy ending.

“Chief Kim” Seo Yul

2PM’s Jun Ho is at the helm of the funny, outrageous, and ambitious Prosecutor turned CFO of TQ Company, Seo Yul. At first, we see him as this extremely smart, rude, and mean individual who after many years of prosecuting rich corporate giants decides to take his skills and work for one in a bid to make more money.

He is introduced to the company and immediately starts to achieve the said goal. With the persistent interaction of the newly appointed Chief Accountant, Chief Kim portrayed by Nam Goong Min, we gradually see his mask begin to crack.

Honestly, their interplays are funny. As the story progress, we slowly see that he is not as evil as he is initially thought to be, his scenes with Yoon Ha Kyung portrayed by Nam Sang Mi at the baseball centers and at the diner where he slowly opens up about his fears sheds light into the character’s personality, and why he did what he does.

Eventually, he became an ally and joins Chief Kim in his fight to get rid of the company’s evil and corrupt leaders. He redeems himself in the series, once saving Chief Kim’s life and even got imprisoned He might be obnoxious, rude, and mean but he is good guy in the end and we can’t help but like him for that.

Tale Of The Nine Tailed” Lee Rang

Mesmerizing and Captivating. We are first introduced to Lee Rang portrayed by the amazing actor Kim Bum, as a mysterious being on a way to shatter his brother and everyone he loves. Lee Rang is bold, fearless, vindictive, and seeking revenge on his brother Lee Yeon played by Lee Dong Wook who he thought betrayed and abandoned him years ago.

His urge to seek revenge leads him to release an even bigger monster Lee Ryong (played by Lee Tae Ri), whom he hoped to work together to slay his brother, Lee Yeon. But as the story progress, we see the reason for his anger. We often see that he is not so evil and cares about his family and loved ones and weirdly, what he is doing is because he wanted to get love and recognition from his brother.

He eventually recognizes his mistakes and teams up with Lee Yeon to destroy Lee Ryong. During their fight to defeat the Imoogi Lee Ryong, his brother died, and he realized that he needs to fix things and pay for his crimes, he made a deal to exchange his life for his brother’s giving us one of the most heartbreaking scenes in K-Drama.

His last message to his brother showed just how much he cared about him, and shows his love for his family. A true redemption story, he is one of the villains we eventually love.

The Heirs” Choi Young Do

From the very first scene, we get the impression that he is the villain in the series and our thoughts are supported by his actions: bullying, fighting, and always persistently trying to get in the way of our lovers’ ship.

But as the series progress, we get to see that every negative thing he does is just on the surface, and deep down he is a good guy who has been hurt by the abandonment of his mother and coldness of his father towards him.

His true kind nature is shown in the scenes where he helps Kim Tan (played by Lee Min Ho) escape from his grandfather’s hold or when he notices Kim Tan‘s mother was about to leave and runs to find him. In these scenes we can see the warmth of the a character that he portrayed as cold and disruptive.

The scene where he finds his victim and sincerely apologizes was so heartwarming as we can see and acknowledge the character’s growth and development throughout the series. And like many fans have often share “We came because of Lee MinHo but ended up falling for Kim Woo Bin”.



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