Gong Yoo and Bae Doona’s The Silent Sea Receive Mixed Reactions From Netizens

The Netflix original series ‘The Silent Sea‘, which was selected as the most anticipated work, has finally been unveiled.

On December 24th, ‘The Silent Sea‘ was released to the world through Netflix.

Based on the short film directed by Choi Hyang Yong, ‘The Silent Sea‘ tells the story of elite crew members who received a special mission and left for a research base abandoned on the moon to save the earth ravaged by the depletion of essential resources.

The Silent Sea‘ has attracted attention with the appearance of actors and the production of Jung Woo Sung and unique materials.

However, as soon as it came out, the reactions of netizens who watched ‘The Silent Sea‘ were mixed.

Some netizens gave favorable reviews saying that the content dealing with various things happening inside the universe was fresh.

They praised the in-depth story of not only being a sci-fi movie, but also portraying an ethical testimonial about biological experiments.

In addition, some expressed admiration for the CG technology that realistically realized the universe and showed the detailed appearance of the moon.

Some cited the high-quality acting skills of the actors who help immersion as a reason to watch ‘The Silent Sea’.

They added that Gong Yoo and Bae Doona‘s solid acting led the play and helped immersion.

On the other hand, some criticized that there are many parts that tell the truth of the incident through dialogue. 

It was a pity that I had to explain the story in words rather than showing it.

In particular, there were those who said that the development of the play was slow and that it was different from the existing sci-fi films that portray a spectacular appearance.

They also criticized ‘The Silent Sea‘, saying that it would have been better if it had been packed into a short story, saying that the content of ‘The Silent Sea‘ was boring.

Attention is focused on whether Netflix‘s ‘The Silent Sea‘, which has divided likes and dislikes, will be able to gather global box office success following ‘Squid Game‘ and ‘Hellbound‘.



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