Hyeri and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Receive Two Conflicting Reviews for Their Roles in ‘Moonshine’ and ‘Snowdrop’

BLACKPINK member Jisoo‘s bad acting led to Disney+’s potential flagship show fizzling into nothing.

Two popular idol-turned-actors are showing their talent on television. However, the two actresses are currently receiving two conflicting reviews.

When the first episode of Snowdrop was first released, many were surprised by how bad Jisoo’s acting was. On the other hand, Hyeri, who is currently starring in Moonshine, is enjoying her popularity as her new show’s premiere episode went off to a promising start, recording a nationwide viewership rating of 7 percent.

Ever since the much-anticipated Disney+ show’s premiere, Jisoo fell under criticism for her bad acting. Although she looks splendid as ever, viewers suggest that she should do more than just look pretty on the show. They also pointed out that there is no chemistry between her and the other cast members, including the male lead, Jung Hae In. Viewers also called out Jisoo for her unclear diction and speech for her role.

Hyeri has also been criticized for her diction problem. However, viewers gave her a resounding thumbs up for her choice of roles on television, admitting the fact that the actress knows her strongest attributes. The same goes for her newest show, Moonshine. Hyeri is currently receiving great reviews for playing a wacky aristocrat character who has to make her own living.

As of now, many voices are pointing out the fact that YG Entertainment has pushed their luck too far this time, making Jisoo the main character for her first drama.



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