Actress Lee Se Young Shares Her Reason For Choosing “The Red Sleeve” In Latest Pictorial With Allure Korea

Actress Lee Se Young released a pictorial depicting the excitement of the new year.

This pictorial, published through the fashion and lifestyle magazine Allure Korea New Year’s Issue, stands out for its chic and bold direction. In the published photo, Lee Se Young catches the eye by digesting eye makeup that sparkles with intense glitter. In another photo, she added sophistication with a white dress with an impressive cut and make-up using shimmer, and in another cut, she matched a black long jacket to create a chic look. Allure said, “This pictorial expresses expectations for the coming new year through the overall sparkle.”

In an interview conducted on the same day, Lee Se Young expressed her deep affection for her character in “The Red Sleeve“, saying, “I am living with Deok Im as one heart, one mind, one body.” To the reporter’s question, “It’s heartbreaking to think about the fate of Sung Eui Bin in history and I’m curious about how far she will show in the drama?”. She responded, “Drama doesn’t only show happy sides. Actually, I did it because of that part. It’s so salty. I know. If you watch it till the end, you will have tears in your eyes”, explaining the reason for choosing this drama.

She also shared, “Next year, I want to exercise more healthily as I planned. I decided to form a climbing club with my friends. I think we need to play healthy while climbing together and train physically. I also want to do boxing.” sharing her plans to end the year and welcome the new year.

Lee Se Young is receiving syndrome-like love through the MBC Friday-Saturday drama ‘The Red Sleeve‘, which is currently ‘all-kill’ in viewership and topicality. Lee Se Young maintained her undisputed position, who ranked first in the drama cast in the first three weeks after the drama aired.

In particular, Lee Se Young captures everything from the dignified appearance of a ‘new court lady’ who lives her life independently, to her sorrow for the one she loves, and the courage to protect that love in her own way, in one screen, making it a one-of-a-kind, never-before-seen one. With Lee Se Young’s passionate performance, who created an all-time character enough to be nicknamed ‘God Deok Im‘, who leads ‘The Red Sleeve’, ‘The Red Sleeve‘ is continuing its splendor with the highest viewership rating of 16.6%.

Meanwhile, Lee Se Young‘s pictorials and full interview with Lee Se Young, who left her hanbok behind for a while and radiated modern beauty, can be found in the January 2022 Issue of Allure Korea and the official website.



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