“The King’s Affection” Actor Nam Yoon Soo Shared He Wants To Play A Psychopath In Latest Pictorial With ‘Cosmopolitan’

A pictorial depicting the rebellious side of Actor Nam Yoon Soo was released in the January Issue of ‘Cosmopolitan‘.

After making a successful historical drama debut with ‘The King’s Affection‘, Nam Yoon Soo transformed into a tough style. A daring look drew attention from a leather jacket, several layered jewelry, and even a crop top. He showed off the charm of the opposite with an image that was 180 degrees different from the upright figure of Lee Hyun of ‘The King’s Affection‘. Nam Yoon Soo, who wore a rebellious image through a unique hairstyle and makeup, was immersed in a new role in front of the camera. In the unique proportions and poses that change for each outfit, the inner work of a model was also felt.

In the interview he had with ‘Cosmopolitan‘ after filming, Nam Yoon Soo‘s reversal continued. Nam Yoon Soo expressed his wish, “I want to play a character like a psychopath who is cruel and doesn’t know what he’s thinking”, He continued “Sometimes people look at me and say, ‘Everytime you smile its creepy’. I don’t know what it is!”

Among the various roles that he has played, he picked Kyung Hoon (Birthcare Center) and Lee Hyun (The King’s Affection) as the people who most resembled him. “I think the middle between the two characters, ‘Kyung Hoon’ and ‘Lee Hyun’, is similar to mine. Externally, ‘Kyung Hoon’s bright and emotional side,’ and ‘Lee Hyun’, who becomes sharp and shows anger when someone he cares about is in danger”

Regarding the joy of being an actor that is different from modeling, “I like the fact that when I am acting, I pour out emotional lines that I don’t usually use. When there are hard and exhausting moments while acting, I also feel a sense of accomplishment. It always seems to be the most difficult filming I’m doing right now, but I also wondered if I could do something like this,” he said.

Nam Yoon Soo‘s pictorial and interview can be found in the January 2022 issue of ‘Cosmopolitan‘ and on the Cosmopolitan website.



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