Lee Dae Yeol Is Undeniably Seductive In The January 2022 Issue Of ‘Men’s Health’ Korea.

Golden Child Lee Dae Yeol decorated the cover model for the January 2022 issue of ‘Men’s Health‘ Korea.

This pictorial was considered as Lee Dae Yeol’s first ever solo cover which gathered a lot of attention. With this, the brothers Lee Seong Yeol and Lee Dae Yeol left their names as brothers who decorated the cover of ‘Men’s Health’ Korea magazine. This is the first in the history of ‘Men’s Health’ in Korea. Lately,Lee Dae Yeol’s older brother and former Infinite member Lee Seong Yeol decorated the cover in July of last year.

Lee Dae Yeol is known as an ‘athletic idol‘ among fans. He received a special exercise PT from his brother for the ‘Men’s Health‘ Korea cover shoot, and as he advised, he enthusiastically prepared by eating only 9 boiled eggs a day. Thanks to this, he was able to showcase his six-pack abs that could not be seen anywhere.

In this cover shoot, Lee Dae Yeol transformed from a boy to a hot adult. Unlike his boyish appearance, he has charismatic,manly and seductive appearance as a leader.According to the official, it is said that Lee Dae Yeol received cheers from the staff when he showed active poses on the set without a single expression of difficulty and went to the filming with an enterprising appearance.

During the interview session that followed, Lee Dae Yeol honestly talked about the moment he became an idol, who was passive and timid as a child, an episode with his older brother, and his struggles and mindset as a leader who leads Golden Child, and his future goals. He said, “When an offer for a Korea cover for ‘Men’s Health’ comes, will I be able to do it? I thought it would be impossible. However, I decided to do it because I wanted to show a different side of me that I had not shown before. After I did it, I never regretted it.”

Golden Child, to which Lee Dae Yeol belongs, had a busiest year than any other groups this year, starting with the fifth mini-album ‘Yes.’ In addition, at the recently held ‘2021 Asia Artist Awards‘, Golden Child won the ‘AAA Best Choice‘ award, an award given to an artist who captivated the public with its unique charm, proving its hot global popularity. On January 26 2022, their Japanese debut single ‘A WOO!!’ will be released, and will show a full-scale global move.

Meanwhile, the January issue of ‘Men’s Health’ Korea, in which Lee Dae Yeol as a cover model, will be available online and offline nationwide on the December 28.


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  1. For correction purposes only.

    Lee Seongyeol is currently an INFINITE member, he is definitely not a former member. Additionally, he was the cover of Men’s Health Korea in July 2021, not last year. Get your facts straight please.

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