‘Law School’ Actress Ryu Hye Young Showed Off Her Unique Charm In Latest Pictorial With GQ Korea

Actress Ryu Hye Young has released a fashion pictorial featuring her unique charm.

In her published photos, Ryu Hye Young sensibly digests the styling that mixes classic and trendy, such as wearing a black mini dress with a leopard bolero and cap hat, and a black T-shirt and wide-fit jeans, and a beret, attracting her attention. Here, her hip visual, which is free-spirited and unique in class, which has never been seen before, exudes stylish charm and makes viewers flutter.

In addition, Ryu Hye Young enhanced the perfection of the pictorial by making a bold transformation with a unique hime cut, cut in steps along the face line in makeup that emphasized the corners of the eyes while keeping her skin tone alive.

In an interview with the shoot, Ryu Hye Young shared, “I really like the sound of rain in the tent.” She added, “It’s good that it’s not hot in the summer, and it’s good that there are no bugs in the winter. I take the bad things into account first, so I only think about the good things.” With a unique positive mind, she claimed to be a camping ambassador, making the field officials smile.

Ryu Hye Young, who has changed from an extrovert to an introvert in the past, said “I try to solve it within myself rather than expressing it outwardly. I’m going to try to find a different way to satisfy my curiosity” . She added, “I always want to make a change, but regardless of whether it changes or not, I just have to like myself at that time. I like myself back then, and I like it even more now.”

Meanwhile, Ryu Hye Young‘s fashionable pictorial and honest interview can be found in the January Issue of ‘GQ KOREA‘.

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