Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun and Park Ji Hoo Confirmed To Star In New Drama ‘Little Woman’

Little Women‘ heralds the synergy of the best writers, directors, and actors.

On December 23rd, tvN’s new drama ‘Little Women‘ (written by Jeong Seo-kyung/directed by Kim Hee-won) announced that they had confirmed the casting of actors Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun, and Park J Hoo. ‘Little Women‘ tells the story of three sisters who are poor but grow up friendly, and fight against the richest and most powerful family in Korea. The process of solving life’s homework called ‘money’ of three sisters who are caught up in a huge incident unfolds in a hot and exciting way.

Above all, the meeting of director Kim He Won and writer Jeong Seo Kyung, who have built a unique world of work, makes even the waiting exciting. From the movies ‘The Handmaiden‘ and ‘Kind Venus‘ to the drama ‘Mother‘, writer Jeong Seo Kyung, who excels at bringing out the deep emotions of human beings, was in charge of writing. Here, director Kim Hee Won, who was loved by the public for his sensuous and powerful directing such as ‘Vincenzo‘ and ‘The Man Who Became King‘, catches the megaphone. The meeting of the two people, who drew favorable reviews for each work, is already gathering fans’ expectations.

The combination of Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hhyun, and Park Ji Hoo is also an expectation factor. 

First, Kim Go Eun takes on the role of Oh In Ju, who wants to protect her family with money. Oh In Ju, who grew up in extreme poverty, realized early on that money is her protector. In front of her, whose dream was to live as much as others, an event that shakes her entire life takes place. Kim Go Eun recently received a lot of love for her portrayal of Yumi, a sympathetic character, in ‘Yumi’s Cells‘. Kim Go Eun, who gives convincing power to any character, will show a new face with a different texture than before through ‘Little Women‘.

Nam Ji Hyun takes on the role of Oh In Kyung, who does not want to sell her soul for money. Oh In Kyung is a bright and mission-minded reporter for the news agency, always working for the right thing. She was poor, but she never bows her head for money. After becoming a reporter for the first time, she sensed that the mysterious case she had faced is approaching again, and she instinctively begins to dig into it. As a strong and independent character, Nam Ji Hyun, who has a unique acting skill, stimulates expectations even more.

Park Ji Hoo takes on the role of the third Oh In Hye, who struggles with the love of her two older sisters who work hard for her. Oh In Hye is a person who has never used good paints because of her poor circumstances, but has entered a prestigious art high school with her natural drawing skills. Park Ji Hoo, who has emerged as a promising star in Korean Film Industry ​​with an impressive performance in the movie ‘Hummingbird‘, raises expectations about how she will portray the complex inner Oh In Hye.

The production team said, “The lives of the three sisters are intertwined in a single case, providing a different kind of fun.”



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