JTBC’s “Snowdrop” To Air 3 Episodes In One Week To Solve The Misunderstandings That Caused The Controversy Over History Distortion

As the ‘history distortion’ controversy has gotten more serious, JTBC’s “Snowdrop” decided to make a special arrangement and air the 5th episode earlier.

On December 23rd, a representative of JTBC said,, “Controversies are still surrounding ‘Snowdrop’. Due to the nature of a drama broadcast, all episodes cannot be released at one, so it seems like misunderstandings have arisen from its initial developments. Therefore, we have re-organized and will especially air one episode earlier than it was planned to ease the viewers’ concerns.”

In episodes 3 and 5 of ‘Snowdrop’,  which will air for 3 days from December 24th to December 26th, the background of the South Korean spy Suho and the unfair power situation will be unveiled, revealing the probability of the initial setting. 

JTBC explained, “These episodes will reveal the fact that it is the National Security Planning Agency that sent spies into South Korea, the begin of the fight between leaders of South and North Koreas for power and money, and stories of young people participating in their secret activities.”

JTBC emphasized, “JTBC respects the viewers’ views and opinions on our content. In order to hear more opinions from our viewers, we are reading all comments on the viewers’ bulletin board and the real-time chat window on our portal site”, adding, “This special broadcast is also a decision to ease the viewers’ concerns. We will continue to do our best and listen to your opinions to create better content.”

Earlier, “Snowdrop” faced severe criticism due to the controversy over history distortion. As a result, the petition to stop broadcasting this drama has surpassed 300,000 signatures.



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