Beating Song Hye Kyo And Park Eun Bin, This Actress Topped The “Top 10 Keywords For Drama Casts”

The ranking of TV search responses in the third week of December has been announced, drawing attention from K-drama viewers.

On December 22nd, Good Data Corporation, a TV-related hot topic research institute, released its list of “Top 10 keywords for drama TV search responses/search issue keywords (week 3 of December)”. Good Data Corporation announces TV topics and search responses every week based on the results of netizens’ search for TV programs, drama casts and related issues on the portal site.

According to the list, BLACKPINK Jisoo (JTBC’s “Snowdrop“) topped the “Top 10 keywords for drama casts”JTBC’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Snowdrop” tells the love story of Suho (Jung Hae-in), a prestigious university student who suddenly jumps into the dormitory of a women’s university, and female college student Youngro (Jisoo), who hides and takes care of Suho amidst the serious surveillance and crisis. 

Following Jisoo were actor Lee Jun Ho (MBC’s “The Red Sleeve“), actor Lee Joon Hyuk (SBS’s “Our Beloved Summer“), Song Hye Kyo (SBS’s “Now We Are Breaking Up“), Park Eun Bin (KBS’s “The King’s Affection“), Soo Ae (JTBC’s Artificial City)…

Meanwhile, the “Top 10 drama TV search reactions” released on the same day were, in ranking order, MBC’s “The Red Sleeve”, tvN’s “Bulgasal: Immortal Souls”, JTBC’s “Snowdrop”, KBS2’s “Young Lady and Gentleman”, SBS’s “Our Beloved Summer”



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