Actress Kim Shin Rok Talks About Her Character In ‘Hellbound’ In Latest Pictorial For Marie Claire

Actress Kim Shin Rok revealed a strong aura through a pictorial.

Kim Shin Rok showed the side of a pictorial artisan through the fashion magazine Marie Claire released on December 21st.

Kim Shin Rok in the published pictorial is wearing a black cut-out dress that accentuates the alluring atmosphere, a black leather vest and pants that emphasize a slim line, a brown-colored blouse and pants, a make-up that emphasizes a dark lip, and poses as good as a model.

Kim Shin Rok, who recently talks about her character ‘Park Jung Ja‘ in the Netflix Original Series ‘Hellbound’. She said,  “After seeing the finished version, the story of this character unfolds. I was more impressed with what kind of role she was playing.” She said, “When the existence of Park Jung Ja stands properly, viewers will be more immersed in the drama and how the worldview of ‘Hellbound’ will be established properly. I think it was a very condensed way of showing how humans in the face of death and those who face that fear will respond and with what kind of humanity they will face this situation through the character Park Jung Ja.”

Also, she shared that the last scene of ‘Hellbound‘ is a scene that overturns everything and the scene itself was impressive because it was an acrobatic movement. She said, “I played it myself. The way the two parts are connected was well edited. This is a scene I had fun filming because I like to express myself with my body. There are only a few physical things on the set, and I enjoyed the unfamiliar experience of acting while imagining through various directions.”

Lastly, she introduces herself as an actor creator and workshop leader, but when asked what the meaning of this phrase is, she said, “I often say that when the theater side introduces me. Even if you do not participate as a director or playwright in a work, an actor clearly has a stake as a creator. In foreign countries, the word ‘actor creator’ is actually used. The term ‘workshop leader’ came into use in 2006 after I first experienced a workshop. A workshop is not a place to teach someone, but a place to exchange inspiration and opinions, even if you are not proficient. Even now, whenever I get a chance, I still want to participate in the workshop, and when a topic arises, I open it myself.”

Kim Shin Rok is captivating viewers with her strong charm both in real life and in his work. In Netflix’sHellbound‘, she is attracting attention for her supernatural and unfamiliar setting and acting skills that help her accept unreality as reality. As a Shinhwa swordsman, she showed a sharp yet cool charisma, added a chewy tension to the play, and received favorable reviews.

She has given vitality to her work based on her solid acting skills through a number of works, and she recently announced her appearance on JTBC‘s ‘The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate‘, foretelling a different acting transformation, raising expectations for her new appearance.

Meanwhile, more pictorials and interviews of Kim Shin Rok can be found on the Marie Claire website.



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