Actress Jung In Sun Shares The Reason She Chose ‘Let Me Be Your Knight’  In Latest Pictorial With Arena Homme+ Magazine

Actress Jung In Sun showed a new image through a fashion pictorial.

In the January Issue of the men’s fashion magazine ‘Arena Homme+‘, Jung In Sun‘s fashion pictorial and interview were published. Jung In Sun plays the role of In Yoon Ju and Kang Seon Joo, who became an idol’s resident doctor on her own in the SBS Sunday drama ‘Let Me Be Your Knight‘, exuding her lovely charm, and she is emerging as the next-generation roco queen. She also showed off her solid acting skills, challenging her two-man role for the first time since her debut.

In her published pictorial, Jung In Sun‘s reversal charm that she has never seen before is contained. From her usual cute and lovely atmosphere, Jeong In Sun, to her bulky knitwear, leather-made clothes and glossy makeup, she made an unconventional transformation into ‘Senka’, attracting her attention. Jung In Sun, who debuted as a child actress and has shown stable acting skills in various works so far, made a more complete picture with intense eyes and charisma that fit her costume and concept as if she was playing her character in her drama.

In her interview, she also told the reason why she chose the currently airing drama ‘Let Me Be Your Knight‘, the behind-the-scenes story of her and the story of how she became best friends with the Luna members. In particular, ‘Yoon-ju is a lovely person who lives courageously. I also received comfort from playing Yoon-ju,” she added, “I feel like I have lived in a happy world called ‘Your Night’, revealing her love for her drama again.

In this way, Jung In Sun, who intensely colored the start of 2022 through the pictorial in the January Issue of ‘Arena Homme+‘, is expected to engage in active activities with infinite potential and charm that has not yet been shown.

Meanwhile, Jung In Sun‘s fashion pictorial and interview can be found in the January Issue of ‘Arena Homme+‘ . SBS‘s Sunday drama ‘Let Me Be Your Knight‘, starring Jung In Sun, will be aired on December 26th (Sunday) without a broadcast, and on January 2 (Sunday) at 11:05 p.m. 8 times.



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