10 Facts That You Need To Know About Park Eun Bin From ‘The King’s Affection’

Park Eun Bin became globally popular through her latest drama ‘The King’s Affection’. Aside from her pretty face, she is known for he excellent acting skills. But there’s a lot more that you didn’t know about Park Eun Bin.

Curious? Here are the 10 facts about Park Eun Bin.

Park Eun Bin is a Virgo

She was born on September 4, 1992 in Jamsil-dong, Seoul, South Korea.

She debuted in the entertainment industry at the age of 5

Park Eun Bin has been working in the entertainment industry for more than 20 years. As a matter of fact, she started as a model for children’s clothes in 1996 before she started acting.

She casted on 40 dramas and counting

Just like other child actresses, Park Eun Bin started her career portraying the younger versions of numerous leading ladies, including Song Hye Kyo in Guardian Angel, Moon So Ri in The Legend, and Kim Ha Neul in Stained Glass.

As of 2021, the 29-year-old actress has appeared in at least 40 K-dramas since her acting debut in 1998.

She got her first lead role in the drama ‘Operation Proposal’

Park Eun Bin got her first leading role in her 20th birthday with the time-travel romance drama Operation Proposal.

She played the role of Ham Yi Seul, who is a selfless woman hung up on her best friend. When her bestfriend realizes his feelings for her on her wedding day, he gets the chance to travel back in time and finally win her over.

After Operation Proposal, Park Eun Bin got supporting roles again until 2016 when she joined the ensemble cast of the award-winning, coming-of-age drama Hello, My Twenties.

She portrayed the role o Song Ji Won in the drama for two seasons, an odd yet high-spirited 22-year-old Journalism major who claims she can see ghosts.

She develops her self-esteem by portraying like her own character in Hello My Twenties

Judging from her soft and controlled speaking voice, we can infer that Park Eun Bin is indeed an introvert

Her calm and timid personality is a complete opposite from the quirky, and sometimes crude, Ji Won.

In an interview with Vogue Korea, Park Eun Bin said, “When I was acting, she was such an opposite character [to me] that I was really shy at the beginning, wondering why she was like that,”

With that being said, even years after Hello, My Twenties ended its broadcast, the Park Eun Bin still keeps the character close to her heart. In fact, she often revisits Ji Won whenever she needs to gain confidence for herself.

She said,”When I’m embarrassed and want to run away, I think that I’m turning on my Song Ji Won mode and I feel like I’m suddenly gaining confidence.”

Park Eun Bin Became Popular in her roles for the dramas “Hot Stove League,” “Do You Like Brahms?,” and “The King’s Affection”.

After casting in, and winning the awards and nominations for, the sports drama Hot Stove League, the now full-fledged leading lady first received a lot of recognition for her work in the 2020 drama Do You Like Brahms? .

The public especially raved over her delicate, slow-burn romance with Kim Min Jae in the show. Additionally, her acting performance made her won the Top Excellence Award at the SBS Drama Awards.

While in the year 2021, Park Eun Bin got her biggest project as the titular Prince Lee Hwi in The King’s Affection, a KBS2 series that simultaneously releases its episodes on Netflix.

She is musically talented for it only took her three months to learn to play the violin.

Park Eun Bin portrays a violin student in Do You Like Brahms? Although the staff did try to use CGI at first for her character, they eventually concluded that it would be impossible to insert the graphic violin close to her face.

As a result, Park Eun Bin, who tried out several instruments when she was younger, had to relearn in how to play the violin for three months before filming started.

Park Eun Bin said,“It was exciting at first to play the role of a violinist and I wanted to do well, since I was doing it anyway,” she shared. “Also, there was a time when I lost focus watching another project because I realized the actor was not personally playing the instrument.”

She joined “The King’s Affection” so that she can have an opportunity to wear a dragon robe

Aside from her interest with the story of woman king Lee Hwi, Park Eun Bin said that she agreed to the project so she could wear a dragon robe that would only belong to her character.

Meanwhile, dragon robes are formal clothing worn by Korean kings during the Joseon dynasty, where the drama is set.

She has the cutest signature pose.

In an interview with her The King’s Affection co-star Rowoon, Eun Bin showed the signature pose that she always does after being done with her projects.

She poses like she’s wiping away tears while puffing her cheeks and pouting adorably, to show off both feelings of “sadness and relief” at the same time. Too cute!

She’s on Instagram!

If you’re already in love with Park Eun Bin, you can see updates about her in her instagram account @eunbining0904.



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