JTBC’s “When the Day Breaks” Seems To Have Also Become The Center Of Controversies Following “Snowdrop”

Following “Snowdrop”, which has been criticized for distorting history, another JTBC’s new drama seems to have also become the center of controversies.

JTBC’s “When the Day Breaks” which is scheduled to air in the second half of next year, has already done casting and is currently in the filming stage.

“When the Day Breaks” tells the story of when a forensic scientist at the National Forensic Service becomes a murder suspect and the hidden truth to be revealed through profilers.

However, as soon as the production stage began, “When the Day Breaks” has been involved in controversy over beautifying the Communist Party and has already received harsh look from the public.

This is because “When the Day Breaks” is based on the Chinese mystery novel “The Long Night”.

At the time of its publication, “The Long Night” was criticized as a propaganda novel for President Xi Jinping of China.

It justifies Xi Jinping administration’s campaign to eradicate corruption, which is a static purge process. In addition, it is suspected to contain suggestions on the fall of President Xi Jinping’s political opponents.

On the official Weibo of the Prosecutors’ Office under the Communist Party of China, public posts congratulating and promoting the publication of “The Long Night” have continued to be publicized.

The original author Zijin Chen mocked and disparaged Hong Kong’s democracy movement forces, saying, “They are lazy and have no serious piece of work.”

In addition to the author’s perception of Hong Kong’s independence movement, the original work is also criticized for glorifying President Xi Jinping and further supporting the Communist Party system.

Although the story development is different, the public is paying keen attention to the fact that JTBC has dramatized based on such a novel.

“When the Day Breaks” has temporarily suspended its schedule after filming up to episode 8.

JTBC said, “We are reorganizing for completeness”, adding that the schedule to resume filming has not been decided.

Although there was no specific reason, it is interpreted that they felt burdened to continue filming amid growing public outrage over “Snowdrop”.

It seems that after examining public opinion on the airing of “Snowdrop“, the future schedule for “When the Day Breaks” will be fixed with certainty.

However, public opinion is not expected to subside easily as politicians are voicing criticism towards “Snowdrop” following patriotic martyrs Park Jong-chul and Lee Han-yeol, who are symbols of the democratization movement.



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