Go Min Si Showed Off Her Pure White Angel-Like Visual In Latest Pictorial For Beauty-Life Magazine

Beauty-Life magazine released a pictorial of actress Go Min Si.

Go Min Si surprised everyone by revealing a pure white angel-like visual in front of the camera with the white studio behind her. With natural makeup and simple styled clothes, she completed a unique clean image, creating a ‘worrying’ pictorial literally.

From the movie “The Witch,” which showed realistic acting like a real best friend, to the drama “Youth of May,” which made viewers cry with its desperate melodies. Ever since she first revealed her face to the public, she has been working hard without a break no matter what anyone says.

She nodded without hesitation to the question of whether it was good to be busy, and said, “It’s good to feel that I’m living today when I’m on set. While I’m working, I feel at ease because I can focus on acting without thinking about anything else. As both the director and the actors work together with the people necessary for the work, there is certainly a reason for my existence.

She continued, “I want to play a character that breaks away from the typical stereotypes. The role itself is fresh and new, so I think it will be another stimulus,”

In fact, she had a lot of trouble when she first met the character ‘Myung-hee’, who renewed her life’s character by perfectly digesting even the difficult dialect acting in her first terrestrial drama .

She said, “I was very worried because it was a character that was quite different from the character I had previously taken on. I studied how to preserve Myung-hee’s color without interfering with the story, and built the character by watching documentaries and books about the era. “

Go Min Si said, “I want to become an actor with a color like Aurora. I want to fill the various colors that can’t be defined by any one in the background of being an actor.”


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