Actress Honey Lee Shared Her Feelings About Her Marriage.

On December 22, Honey Lee posted on her Instagram account, “I’m back on set ^^ Thank you so much for congratulations and encouragement! I will live to repay that love with good acting and activities.” along with three photos.

In the published photo, Honey Lee is preparing to shoot an advertisement for an underwear brand. You can feel happiness in her lovely visuals and bright smile.

Congratulatory comments from fellow celebrities such as Choi Si Won, Choi Soo Young, Jung Ryeo Won, Yoon Hye Jin, and Noh Hong Cheol were found on herpost.

Honey Lee previously married a non-celebrity on December 21. Her agency Saram Entertainment said, “Honey Lee met her husband and promised to become lifelong companions based on their trust and affection for each other. They became a couple”.

Honey Lee‘s husband is a Korean-American and is older than Honey Lee. Specific details were not disclosed, but he is known as an office worker who boasts solid financial resources.

Honey Lee who was born in 1983 and has been loved by fans by appearing in several works such as ‘Come Back Mister‘, ‘ The Rebel, ‘The Fiery Priest‘, and ‘One the Woman’. In particular, in the recently ended SBS drama ‘One the Woman‘, she perfectly digested the roles of one person and two, collecting topics.


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