Netizens Are Loving BLACKPINK Jisoo’s Simple But Pretty Like Princess Fashion In “Snowdrop”

Despite the controversy over accusations of distorting the history, Snowdrop is still receiving much expectation from plenty of viewers. Netizens are loving Jisoo’s outfits in Snowdrop. At the moment, keywords and hashtags related to Snowdrop and the cast members are already taking over SNS platforms.

Besides looking forward to Jisoo’s acting, netizens are also excited for Snowdrop’s aesthetic sets and the female characters’ pretty vintage fashion. Not sure if it’s because Snowdrop will debut on Disney’s streaming service, but the drama’s backdrop somehow feels different from Korean dramas in general. The loft that frequently appears in the trailers and still cuts, with ornately decorated windows, antique chests, cassette radios, clocks, old books. Compared to other Korean series that are also set in the 80s, Snowdrop does not bring a feeling of nostalgia but fairytale vibes like Disney movies. 

Despite the fact that Snowdrop did not show many photographs of the characters, the outfits of the characters elicited a lot of excitement from the crowd. Jisoo’s outfits are quite elegant with princess-style flared skirts and vintage designs and patterns.

Take a look at some of Jisoo’s outfits in Snowdrop:

A sweater with vintage patterns and collar
Jisoo is like a princess
Her outfit in the drama is quite simple
She mainly wears sweaters and skirts
Outfits with high applicability

Snowdrop airs every Saturday and Sunday evening from December 18 on JTBC and Disney+.


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