Girls Generation’s YoonA Showed Off Her Flawless Visual In Recent Pictorial For Allure Korea

Im YoonA‘s flawless visual was revealed.

Im YoonA was recently selected as the cover model for the January issue of Allure Korea, a fashion lifestyle magazine, and took a photo shoot with ‘liveliness and excitement only in January’.

In the published pictorial, Im YoonA fashionably digested the cool mood mix and match look, exuding various charms from chic to loveliness.

In an interview conducted together, Im YoonA said, “I like to do pictorial shoots where I try out various styles in a short time. When I look at the camera, a different energy seems to come out of me than when I am on stage or when I am acting. I wanted to show a new feeling in this shoot too, but it was fun because I was able to shoot freely.”

When asked about the movie ‘Happy New Year‘ (director Kwak Jae-yong), which will be released on December 29th, she said, “In this work, there are more voices than faces. It’s a role I’ve never played before, and the concept of non-face-to-face romance was really fresh and good. You will be able to feel the excitement of our couple alone,” she replied, raising expectations for the work.

On the other hand, the interview with Im YoonA‘s honest story and various pictorial cuts can be found in the January issue of Allure Korea, and video content will also be released through the Allure YouTube channel and SNS, drawing a lot of interest.



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