Actor Byun Yo Han Revealed His Youthful And Sophisticated Masculine Visual In His Latest Pictorial With Arena Homme+

Actor Byun Yo Han‘s fashion pictorial was released.

In the pictorial, Byun Yo Han clearly revealed his youthful and sophisticated masculine beauty. In the pictorial, the unique atmosphere of Byun Yo Han, where innocence and charisma coexist, was accurately captured.

In the interview that followed after the filming, Byun Yo Han frankly shared his views on life and his values ​​as an actor that changed in his mid-30s. He said, “Acting is like destiny. I accepted it as fate. In the past, I vaguely wanted to become an actor. And I thought I liked acting. It was difficult, but I thought I was enjoying it, but it wasn’t. I can say it now. Now I feel like all my emotions are just inside me without ups and downs. When I receive a script and meet a certain person, I want to express the story well. If it is too much, it is conceited; if it is too little, it is conceited. I want to accurately point out the in-between and express it without ups and downs.” He said that he was a mature actor.

Also, “I want to believe that all the production crews on the set love this work. And we want all of us to do well.” He also showed his affection for the filming site.

Subsequently, he also revealed his belated thoughts about his works appearing in 2021, such asThe Book of Fish and ‘Voice’. Byun Yo Han‘s interview and pictorial can be found in the January issue of ‘Arena Homme+‘ and on the website.



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