‘Squid Game’ Actress Jeong Ho Yeon Made Fans Worried After Seeing How Skinny She Is In Recent Photos

Model and actor Jeong Ho Yeon was too skinny and worried fans.

On December 16th, Jeong Ho Yeon revealed the outfits she wore during her overseas schedule that lasted for several months through her Instagram.

In the photo, you can see Jeong Ho Yeon wearing a vest with a unique neckline and twist decorations, a jacket of the Louis Vuitton fashion brand she is working as a model, and a mini dress.

Jeong Ho Yeon sang cheers for showing off her perfect dress digestibility as a model who boasts a height of 176 cm, while some expressed concern that she was too skinny to look at at a glance.

In particular, when Jeong Ho Yeon attended the ‘LACMA Art + Film Gala’ held at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, in the United States, wearing a deep-breasted dress made it feel like a bare body.

Actor Park Joo-hyeon, an acquaintance of Jeong Ho Yeon, responded in a comment, “Friend, are you going to leave only bones?”

On December 17th, Star News published an interview with Jeong Ho Yeon, who had recently returned to Korea and is in self-quarantine, where Jeong Ho Yeon said that she did not have time to eat in the United States.

Jeong Ho Yeon revealed, “That’s why I lost a lot of weight. The clothes that fit well when I first went to the United States are now looser,” revealing that she lost more weight from the originally known weight of 49 kg.

She shared, “I lost 4 kg in 10 days after Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’ opened.

Moreover, Jeong Ho Yeon said that she is busy enough to be full until February 2022 just by looking at the schedule she has right now, and fans are very worried about her health. 



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