Shin Hye Sun In Talks To Star In New Webtoon Adaptation “See You in My 19th Life”

Actor Shin Hye Sun to return to the drama world with “See You in My 19th Life”.

As a result of the Sports World coverage on the 16th, Shin Hye Sun was offered the female lead role for the webtoon original ‘See You in My 19th Life’.

“See You in My 19th Life” (writer Lee Hye) is a reckless romance of a woman who remembers her past lives and is currently living her 19th life. It is a romantic webtoon series on Naver which was updated every Sunday and boasts a 9.98-star review point. Director Lee Na-jung, who directed KBS2’s “Fight for My Way” and tvN’s “Mine,” will direct “ See You in My 19th Life “.

Shin Hye Sun’s will play the role of Ban Ji-eum, who has reincarnated and has to live her 19th life with the memories of her previous lives that returned to her when she was around the age of 10. The drama is a love story about when Ban Ji-eum, who is living her 19th life, met Yoon Joo-won, her fated love who she met in her 18th life.

Ban Ji-eum in the drama is a competent career woman. Taking advantage of the memories and experiences of her previous life, she has become a promising talent. However, her interest is only on the reunion with Yoon Joo-won. Her biggest rival is none other than herself, a woman who goes straight toward love even though she knows that Yoon Joo-won is her previous life’s love.

Shin Hye Sun debuted with ‘School 2013‘ and appeared in KBSFive Children‘, ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea‘, and ‘Secret Forest‘. With his first lead role, ‘My Golden Life‘, he achieved the highest viewership rating of 45.1% (Nielsen Korea, national standard), and after that, he continued to transform in every work and established himself as a ‘trustworthy actor‘. SBSPraise of Death‘ (2018), SBSThirty But Seventeen‘ (2018), ‘Praise of Death‘ (2018), KBS2 ‘Dan, One Love‘ (2019), tvN ‘Queen Iron Man’ (2021) He is active in films such as ‘Innocence‘ (2020) and ‘Theft‘ (2020), crossing the CRT and screen.

Meanwhile, Shin Hye Sun is about tofilm as the host for the first episode of Season 2 of Coupang Play‘s ‘SNL Korea‘, which will be aired for the first time on the 25th.



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