4 Idols Who Made Fans Shocked By Announcing Girlfriend’s Pregnancy And Marriage At The Same Time

There are male idol members who surprised fans by announcing their girlfriend’s pregnancy and marriage at the same time.

On December 15th, 2PM‘s Chansung also announced through a handwritten letter that he had a lover he had been dating for a long time, and while he promised to get married after being discharged from the military, a new life had come earlier than expected.

Chansung said that he could get married early next year at the earliest, and told fans, ” I will work hard as I am right now in the near future in order to impress as 2PM’s youngest member Chansung and actor Hwang Chansung

In fact, even before Chansung, there were idols who confessed that they became fathers of children before marriage.

FTIsland‘s Choi Min Hwan, who currently has three children, also announced that he was pregnant with Yul Hee, a former member of Laboum, in 2018.

Choi Min Hwan later confessed his fears about premarital pregnancy through KBS2‘s entertainment program ‘Mr. House Husband Season 2‘.

He said he was worried about ‘Isn’t it blocking the future of Yul-hee, who was pregnant at a young age?’ He also worried about his wife, who had to raise children alone when he went to work.

Choi Min Hwan is revealing his ‘love man’ aspect in ‘Mr. House Husband Season 2′, who plays hard with his three siblings while helping his wife.

EXO‘s Chen also wrote a handwritten letter to his fans in January last year, announcing that he was in a relationship with his girlfriend and was pregnant.

He said, “I was worried and concerned about the situations that would arise as a result of this decision, but I had been discussing with the agency and our members because I wanted to announce the news at least a little bit earlier so I wouldn’t surprise you with the sudden news. Then, a blessing came my way. I am also taken aback, as I cannot do what I had planned with the agency and members, but this blessing has given me more strength.”

Chen‘s first daughter was born last April. Chen received another congratulations when he announced that he would become a father of two in November.

iKON‘s Bobby also announced the pregnancy and marriage of his girlfriend at the same time. Bobby confessed to Instagram in August, “I promised to marry the person I love. And I will become a father again in September.”

Bobby apologized to the embarrassed fans and emphasized, ” I will work even harder to not cause harm to the members and the fans who are waiting for iKON’s activities.”

Bobby became a father of a child when he gave birth to a son in September, more than a month after the announcement of the marriage.



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