Park Hyung Sik Shared He Got Emotional While Filming the Last Scene in ‘Happiness’

Actor Park Hyung Sik shared  his thoughts on the end of the drama.

In the making film of the drama ‘Happiness‘, which was released on December 12th, Park Hyung Sik revealed his feelings about the end of the drama and showed his extraordinary affection for the work.

In an interview, Park Hyung Sik said, “I’m Park Hyun Sik, and I played the role of corporal Jung Yi Hyun in the drama Happiness. Nice to meet you. I can’t believe it’s already my last day of filming. I got a little emotional while shooting one of my last scenes. I could feel that we’ve been through much together.”

He continued, “The director always stayed in good spirits, and the cast was amazing. We had a good time on the set; almost too loud when we were together. We talked nonstop, so the director made jokes about how he feels so drained near us.”

Park Hyung Sik concluded, “It was such a fun filming site, I learned a lot, and I was happy”.

On the other hand, the drama ‘Happiness‘, which ended on December 11th, was highly praised by viewers for its high-quality narrative where in the new normal era, when infectious diseases are commonplace, this drama depicts class discrimination and subtle nerve warfare in newly built apartments in a large city where high-rises are sold for general sales and low-rises are divided into rental housing.



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