Park Eun Bin Proven Her Versatility Through “The King’s Affection”

Actress Park Eun Bin showed a perfect performance until the last episode of KBS2’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘The King’s Affection,‘.

In KBS 2TV’s Monday-Tuesday drama “The King’s Affection,” which ended on December 14th, Park Eun Bin presented the viewers an unforgettable happy ending as she wrapped up the narrative of Lee Hwi which had been piled up from the beginning of the drama.

Park Eun Bin has mastered a variety of genres, ranging from youth drama, sports drama, and romance genre through her previous works, but for her, “The King’s Affection” was a new challenge. This is because she was required to create an unprecedented character that combines all elements, from the setting of a female King disguised as a male, which is the first in historical drama history, to the actions, politics, and romance genre, which were considered exclusive to the male protagonist in the existing historical drama.

However, as soon as she stood in front of the viewers in the skin of her character, expectations turned into admiration. Park Eun Bin’s flawless acting of unraveling her character from the warm and pure “Dam-yi” in childhood to Lee Hwi who had to disguise as the crown prince to replace her dead brother, has firmly paved the starting point for all narratives during the show. 

In addition, the court romance, which is set differently in a situation where a woman disguised as a king, also proved actor Park Eun Bin’s unlimited acting skills. She also drew a deeper and more affectionate narrative of facing her childhood first love Jung Ji-woon (Ro-woon) again, but as a king and his servant. Her successful portrayal of this “relationship reversal” with a reverse cliché has doubled the excitement.

Park Eun Bin, who has left a deep impression with her explosive performance in the final episode of “The King’s Affection”, expressed her regret over the end of the show, saying, “I hope you remember and love our drama for a long time because you can continue to watch it on Netflix even after it’s over.”

Actor Park Eun Bin, who has not only proved her wide spectrum of acting with “the King’s Affection,” but also performed well as the leading role in setting new milestones for Korean historical dramas, ranking first in seven countries and fourth worldwide on Netflix. Expectations from the audiences are high for what kind of new challenges she will show in 2022.

Meanwhile, Park Eun Bin is filming for Netflix’s “Strange Lawyer, Woo Young-woo”.



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