Jung Hae In Received A Notice Of Re-enlistment From ‘Netflix’ After D.P Confirmed For Season 2

Netflix‘s popular drama ‘DP’ is returning with Season 2.

In the midst of this, Actor Jung Hae In, who took on the lead role, showed a pleasant reaction to the news that ‘DP‘ Season 2 was confirmed, causing laughter from fans.

On December 13th, Actor Jung Hae In uploaded a photo on his Instagram without any captions. In the photo, he is showing off his warm appearance in a white sweatshirt. In particular, he stole fans’ hearts with his puppy-like smile and intense eyes.

Netflix drew attention by commenting below the post, saying, “Let’s enlist now.”

After Season 2 of ‘DP‘ was produced, they said to cut their hair again and prepare for filming.

Jung Hae In, as if embarrassed, left a big comment, “Private! Did you hear the wrong thing about Ahn Jun-ho?”, making fans fall out of their belly button.

Jung Hae In, who played the role of a soldier in ‘DP’, managed to grow his hair, but seems surprised when he has to cut it again.

Many people are interested in Netflix and Jung Hae In‘s delightful tiki-taka.

Netizens also responded enthusiastically with various comments such as “D.P. season 2 fighting”, “Let’s stay in the army permanently”…

On the other hand, ‘DP‘ depicts the story bout JoonHo and HyoYeol, two members of the D.P. Arrest Team in charge of capturing army deserters, and the stories they learn about the deserters along the way.



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