Shin Hye Sun Renews Contract With YNK Entertainment

Actress Shin Hye Sun will continue to accompany YNK Entertainment.

On December 14th, YNK Entertainment (hereafter YNK) announced, “We recently renewed our contract with Shin Hye Sun, who has been with us for a long time since our founding and has given us the joy of mutual growth. We will do our best to support Shin Hye Sun so that she can live up to her faith and shine even more as an actress.”

Shin Hye Sun‘s contract renewal is backed by a strong bond with YNK CEOKim Min Soo. Shin Hye Sun, who has expressed her intention to renew her contract early, despite the fact that she has a lot of time left since her last contract renewal. For the past 5 years or so, the solid trust she has built up with CEOKim Min Soo plays a major role, and she has shown ‘infinite trust’ and ‘strong loyalty’ to each other, becoming a warm example both inside and outside.

Shin Hye Sun has been radiating her colorful charms from her CRT, screens, advertisements, and pictorials. Above all, she rose to become a popular actress receiving her public love by capturing her acting skills, ratings, and topicality at the same time through her KBS2 ‘My Golden Life‘, which made Shin Hye Sun known to the public.

Shin Hye Sun, who has established her position as an unrivaled lead actress with her big performance in the CRT, has expanded her field of activity with her screen. After showing her first major films, ‘Innocence‘ and ‘Government‘ one after another, she led her running time with her unique and captivating acting, convincing her to be an ‘an actress who can work on the screen‘.

Meanwhile, Shin Hye Sun confirmed her appearance in the movie ‘Brave Citizen‘ based on the original webtoon that shows the delightful action of a female hero. Attention is focused on what kind of steps she will take in the future with YNK’s strong support, who is not afraid of her challenges and is constantly developing.

Meanwhile, the movie ‘Brave Citizen‘, in which Shin Hye Sun plays the lead role, is about to start filming at the end of this year.


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