Eric Mun Got His ID Checked While Buying A Beer Because He Looks Too Young

Singer and actor Eric revealed his experience at a convenience store.

On December 12, Eric left a message on his Instagram, saying, “It just happened at a convenience store” along with a picture.

According to the article, Eric was trying to buy beer at a convenience store, and a part-timer asked him to show his ID. When Eric replied that he was in a situation where he didn’t have an ID, the pat-timer refused to sell the beer to him.

Eric said, “I bought it here often,” and emphasized, “I’m forty-three.” The part-timer seemed to have noticed only then, and finished the calculation by asking, “Do you need a plastic bag?”

In the photo he uploaded, cans of beer was inside the plastic bag which proves that his purchase was successful. Eric showed his wit by posting the hashtag “No alcohol sales to minors.”

Eric , who was born in February 1979 and is 43 this year, cheerfully told the story of a part-timer at a convenience store he often visits who misunderstood him as a minor and almost got his ID checked.

A netizen who read the article commented, “Didn’t you search Naver and show it?”, and Eric replied, “Please do a search for Eric on Naver.

As the leader of the group Shinhwa, he is the oldest among the six members, with Lee Min Woo, Kim Dong Wan, and Shin Hye Sung the same age.

Eric, who debuted in 1998 with Shinhwa’s 1st album ‘Resolver‘, and has been active as a singer and actor.


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