Actor Gong Myung Bids Farewell To His Fans Before Doing Military Service

Actor Gong Myung said goodbye to his fans before enlistment.

On December 14, Gong Myung left a message to fans through the official SNS account of his agency Saram Entertainment.

Gong Myung said, “I want to talk face-to-face with the fans, but please understand that I am greeting you through a video (in the aftermath of the Corona 19 virus). When the time comes when we can talk face to face, we greet each other face to face and eye-to-eye. I want to do it,”

He continued, “I will return with a healthy body and a healthy mind. So please wait a little bit. I want to say I love you and thank you to all the fans who love my work and me. I will be back.”

Gong Myung also released a photo of his so-called ‘black hair‘ for fans who are curious about how he cut his hair short.

He also said that he prepared a special gift for the fans and asked them to wait for the last ‘Vlog‘ video.

The last vlog video that Gong Myung left behind will be released later through Saram Entertainment‘s official YouTube channel.

Meanwhile, Gong Myung will enter the boot camp on the 14th to receive basic military training and serve as an active duty soldier. Gong Myung did not disclose to the fans the training center and his admission time to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 virus.


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